Understanding Minimum Wage


We often hear interesting comments about minimum wage.  Many people claim that minimum wage is earned by employment in the jobs that only teenagers do, and therefore should never be considered a wage earned to live on.  This begs the question, if a teenager does a job, does that job mean that they are less than in our society?  After all, an eighteen-year-old, while considered an adult and responsible for themselves, is still technically a teenager and therefore not worthy of a livable wage.  And at what threshold is a human being considered worthy?

A minimum wage was part of the New Deal under President Roosevelt in 1938; called the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This was created to stop employers from taking advantage of employees by underpaying them, and keeping them working in unhealthy and dangerous conditions.  The main reason for the minimum wage was to allow employees and their families to actually be able to live on the wages they brought home.  There was no talk about this only applying to the lowest wages a teenager could receive, since supposedly this teenager lived at home with parents paying for food and rent.  The minimum wage was intended for an adult who would be paying for all the expenses incurred in his family’s life…food, rent, car, etc. etc.

Many, many people in the public eye insist that minimum wage was created for only teenagers and/or the lowest of the low jobs…fast food workers, janitors, cleaners, etc.  However, as we can see from the history of how minimum wages began, this is a lie.  This also begs the question, if a person does a job that requires social skills (waitress, fast food worker, janitor, etc.) why is that considered low wage?  Social skills are extremely important, and there are many who make substantial yearly wealth who are obviously lacking it.

So, now that you know that minimum wage was created to support a family, do you believe that the current federal wage of $7.25 does that?  Most importantly, do you believe that you could support your own family on such a wage?  Let me know in the comments below.






Let Today be the Day!


There are many many times in our lives when we need to just do it.  Change that attitude; begin that project; or, just change your life.  Is it easy?  Of course not.  As humans we really like keeping everything the same, even if that “same” is destroying our souls.  It’s so much easier to keep on doing what we know than it is to make any form of change.  I know, I’m the Queen of New Starts.  But aren’t “new starts” the name of the game?  By trying something new, we give ourselves the opportunity to find the new start that actually works.

Most of us would like to become a better version of ourselves.  The version that has already done the work to be us, only better.  So, why not live like we’ve already accomplished whatever it is that we so desperately want to change?  Would it hurt if we start to actually do what we need to change?

My daughter is now out of the house working at her new job.  Since she has made the change to working outside, as opposed to working at the computer, I decided to make a change myself.  As you may know, my sleeping arrangements have led to my not working out consistently; and using lack of sleep as an excuse for… well, mainly everything is getting as old as sleeping on the couch is.  However, I’ve decided to just get up at 5:20 am daily, and the difference is astounding.  I’ve got so much time!  And, I am getting good things done!  Am I tired?  YES!  But I’m falling asleep much faster at night, so that’s a plus.  This was just a small change, but it’s led to other changes.  I’ve been working out at around 10:00 am, and this is huge.  Finally, I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

My point is, just act like you already have changed.  Live life from (look at all those “f’s”) the perspective that you’ve done the work, and are living the schedule you been aspiring to get to.  Do the work, and you’ll attain the goal.  Just try it and let me know how it works out for you.  I’ll keep you posted on my own progress also.



The Game Changers Documentary


This is a documentary about changing the way we view food.  Food should be viewed as fuel for the body – here the emphasis is on athletes, but of course you can extrapolate this to yourself.  James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul are all involved in this documentary.

This documentary uses peer-reviewed scientific studies to prove the points that it makes about the fact that a whole-food, plant-based diet is the healthiest diet for our bodies.  There is a lot of evidence presented about the usual questions:  what about protein, won’t you become weak, what about your bones and calcium, etc.  The world-class athletes that are plant-based are impressive, and quite clear about the changes they have perceived within their bodies, with evidence to back up their claims of improved performance in their chosen events.

I urge you to watch this documentary.  There are many reasons to change your diet, including but not limited to – your health, the environment and society as a whole.  Do yourself a favor and watch.  Once you do, let me know your thoughts in the comments section.



Humidity Causes More Pain


I knew it!  Since I suffer from Fibromyalgia, I’m well-aware of what causes me more pain, and those humid summer days can be shear agony – especially when the humid weather lasts for more than two weeks.  Whenever I mentioned the fact that humidity seems to make the pain much worse, my family looked at me like I was insane.  But no!!  Here is the validity of my belief!



Of course, the studies conclude that scientifically studying pain can be problematic, since it’s hard to measure the pain a person feels in a strictly scientific manner.  However, the consensus from the people studied found that they suffered more pain on humid, windy days.  So, I’ve been validated.




Everyone talks a lot about motivation.  And yes, I agree that motivation is great.  Motivation can get us up off our behinds to begin working toward our goals.  It has its place and it’s pretty important in making changes.  However, persistence is what keeps us getting up.  It’s what keeps us going when the going gets tough.  Persistence is the nitty-gritty of the daily grind.  It’s what we do when there is no change, or the changes are so painfully slow that we want to give up, but we don’t because we make the choice to persist.

Persistence is the everyday unglamorous work that is done behind the scenes.  It’s the keep your head down and put one foot in front of the other.  Persistence can make or break us.  If we keep on following our goals, that’s the everyday persistence.  Don’t ever forget let yourself down.  Just keep on working.  Persistence does pay off.



November Goals


November is writing month (NaNoWriMo), but after giving it a lot of thought, I won’t be partaking.  Instead, I’ll be finishing up my (many) re-writes of my children’s book, and getting my agent letter written and sent.  I’ve run into the “let’s do anything but write” problems, but need to focus on what needs to be done.  I am hopeful about reaching this goal this month.


This is me, every day!

Since we now have a little over a month until Christmas, I want to get my shopping completed before December 1st.  There will be less gifts this year, since my adult children are much too old for masses and masses of gifts.  Seriously, if they really want something, they are more than able to buy it themselves.  So, just a few thoughtful gifts and a nice happy family day.  OMG! What will I buy??

Another goal for this month will be actually using my Crock Pot.  I’ve had one for years and years, but have been unable to find any recipes that weren’t full of expensive ingredients.  Luckily, I have come across some vegan recipes that will not bust my food budget.  As this is the time of year for soups, I’m just thrilled.  There is nothing like a hearty soup on a cold windy day.

I’m still going through my stuff, in a rather slow manner, but it’s a goal of mine to get closer to finishing this month.  I’ve heard it said that organization is really rewarding.  Really?  Well, that remains to be seen.

What are your goals for the month?  Share in the comments.  Let’s encourage each other!


Conquering Goals


The past few months have been brutal.  I’m still sleeping on the couch and getting maybe five hours of broken sleep a night.  I haven’t been working out much, but am still keeping up with my walking.  As a plus, I’ve started taking CBD oil and I think it’s helping with the Fibromyalgia pain, stress and brain fog.  Hopefully as I continue with it there will be more benefits.

Depression is still an issue.  There are so many terrible things going on, and it can be hard to keep myself positive.  The only thing that I can do (other than sign petitions and write letters) is to keep on trying to make my little corner of the world better.  So, in that vein, I’ve been busy with organizing and throwing away.  Since I can only deal with my own crap, and there are others here who just love to leave shoes, etc. all over the floor, my ability to keep things neat and tidy is limited.  I’m trying to keep that other “stuff” neater and more organized.  By concentrating on my own stuff, I’m hoping that will help with my attitude.  It’s a process.  So, the goals are still there, but I’m working on them.  One step at a time.