Natural Food Interaction Diet


I don’t know if you’ve heard of this before, but the Natural Food Interaction diet is really interesting.  It is a whole food, plant-based diet.  By eating certain foods together, the way that they interact with each other within your body creates chemicals that can reverse diseases such as:  Type 2 Diabetes and weight issues .

I hope that you look into this diet, watch the recommended videos and read the recommended books.  Health is so important to your quality of life, and I really hope that more people become healthy and fit.  Some of the ingredients recommend with this diet may be a little on the pricey side, however, there are many ways of eating a plant-based diet that are low cost, easy to prepare and totally delicious.  I wish you good health!


Don’t Apologize for Being Yourself


Some people criticize others – it’s what they do.  Many times, they will explain that their criticism is for “your own good”; and maybe some of them believe it.  Sometimes it’s done under the guise of “constructive” criticism – and sometimes it may be helpful.  However, there are people who do nothing but criticize.  If you’ve been raised by a constant critic, you can be sure that their criticism was not “for your own good”.  They were criticizing in order to control you; feel better about themselves; or were worried about what other people might think.

If you’re in a relationship with a constant criticizer, be careful.  This can be controlling, used to bully and tear you down.  Self-esteem is a fragile thing.  Criticism can destroy it.  Some people only feel powerful when others feel negated.  Stay away from those people.

Be who you are.  Stay true to yourself.  And, if you’ve been criticized to the point where you’ve lost sight of who you are, look back to your childhood – who were you then, before you were torn down.  What makes you joyful?  Remember how you felt, what you enjoyed, and work on finding that part of you again.

How do we Change?


I’ve been thinking about what it is that finally forces us to change.  Personally, I’ve been depressed for a long time.  It’s not a huge issue, it’s just this annoying background noise that I do my best to ignore.  And, if there is anything I’m fabulous at, it’s being able to ignore things.  But often being “good” at something doesn’t mean it’s healthy for me.  Being good at ignoring low-level depression certainly is not healthy.

Just like other people, there are things in my life that are not good, in fact, these problems could blow up and potentially destroy lives.  I’m at the point where not getting out and staying where I am is becoming unbearable.  And, I’ve finally come to realize that while I work on changing certain thigs, I cannot change someone else.  It essentially does not matter what I do – other people have to change themselves, and if they are happy to continue down a dark path, I cannot stop them.  Nor do I have to let them force me down the same dark path.

So, if the only person you can change is yourself, where do you go when you’re forced by circumstances to remain where you are?  In light of this dilemma, I’ve decided to make a goal and set steps to reach in order to eventually leave where I am now.  It will be hard; I’ve been here for 30+ years.  But I believe that my future is in danger.  I’ll let you know what I’m doing and how it is going.  Don’t let circumstances destroy your life.

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat


It’s July now, and the heat and humidity are just getting started.  So, what to do?  If you’ve got air conditioning, lucky you…if not, I hope that you’ve got plenty of fans to help cool you down.  We don’t have any air conditioning, so when we open the door and step outside, we’re not surprised by the heat.  However, I’ve got plenty of fans, and usually take a cold shower before bed.  We’ve also got a fan at the end of the bed, so yes, I’m a lucky girl.

But there are some things that you can do to help you cope with the heat.  Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.  Don’t just drink your favorite soda or juice.  Consuming water is the best way to hydrate.  If you want to exercise outdoors, do it in the morning while the air is still cool, otherwise go to the gym or exercise in your home.  I’m lucky since I get up early and exercise in my basement.  We’ve got a dehumidifier down there, (otherwise we’d have mold growing on the walls), so it’s much cooler down there than anywhere else in the house, and I love the fact that by breakfast time all my exercising is done.  I do go for a walk around eleven, but if it’s too hot I don’t walk my entire mile, and most of my walk is in the shade.

Just be aware of the heat and humidity around you and others.  Make sure that your family members are drinking enough water, and most of all take it easy.  Stay safe and have fun!

What does Binge Watching do to your Health?


Binge watching is fun.  We all do it.  It’s entertaining and it’s stress-relief.  But, is it good for you?  Of course not.  We all know that, and we do it anyway.  It’s like eating chocolate…we know better, but we keep on indulging.

So, what actually is bad about binge watching?  Well, we end up staying awake long past the time that we should go to bed.  Loss of sleep leads to some pretty nasty complications, especially if we do it repeatedly.  What are the consequences you may ask?  Well, the very fact that you are just sitting around not moving is an issue.  Also, the fact that you very well may be eating snacks at the same time can be an issue.  Not moving and eating can lead to complications such as diabetes and heart disease.  Then there is the issue of obsession – you know, when you just have to keep watching to find out what happens.  If you keep on binge watching episode after episode, you can begin to have a problem.  Hours can go by without your being aware of the time.  Then, there’s all that time spent alone.  Have you forgotten about your family and friends?  Obsession is a sneaky little thing.

So, watching a show can be a fun thing, but like many other fun things, don’t spend hours and hours watching.  Go outside and take a walk.  Call you friends, or read a book.  Move and remember, it’s your life.  Go have fun.


Civic Duties and Responsibilities


Since yesterday was the 4th of July, I wanted to remind all of us citizens of the U.S. what our duties and responsibilities are as citizens.  They are important and most of us just run-around being busy with our lives and don’t realize that as citizens we do have duties and responsibilities.  Actually, some of those are things that we’re legally obligated to do, and others just make us “good citizens”.

Duties of each and every citizen include:  paying taxes (fun, fun); serving on a jury; registering for Selective Service; voting in local, state and federal elections; obeying the law.


Responsibilities include:  being an informed citizen – know what is going on in your local, state and federal government; respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of other citizens; support and defend the U.S. Constitution (I suggest that you re-read the entire Constitution, just so that you know exactly what it says in it’s entirety, amendments and all so that you can fulfill both your duty and responsibilities to be more knowledgeable); vote; participate in your local community; defend the country should it be attacked.

Please work to make yourself more knowledgeable about your country, state and local governments.  Be a good citizen.


The Duty of a True Patriot



This is a devastating time to be an American citizen.  Our government is damaging so many of us in so many ways.  The poor, the sick, the elderly – I could go on and on.  Not only are these severe problems, but we are in the middle of a human rights situation – extreme poverty; the caging of children; denying them water, food and basic human necessities.  Everyone needs to look at both themselves and the government and work on doing what is right.  And no, asylum seekers are never “illegal”.  Seeking asylum from another country is legal.

We can’t continue to blame others for our own problems.  Immigrants are not “taking” from you.  Corporations are paying the lowest wages they can get away with, and they are being rewarded for sending jobs overseas.  These are systemic problems that will not “go away” unless the people – yes, you and me, rise up and force change.  Do not let this continue.  Use your voices.  Today it is “them” who are being mistreated; tomorrow it will be you.  Take a stand for human rights.