My daughter is working on a degree for psychology.  She is also watching leadership videos.  So, she told me about Dr. Linda Papadopoulos.    I listened to a podcast that she did regarding motivation for exercise. I really thought that what she had to say was interesting and important for those of us who may be experiencing a lack of motivation.

     Her first point was to not expect your exercise to work immediately. This is true because how many times have I worked out once or twice, gotten on the scale and discovered that I haven’t lost any weight. Even though I know that it won’t happen that quickly, I still get hooked into just checking within two or three days, and then feel my motivation simply ebb away. So, hopefully being told NOT to weigh myself by a psychologist will help me stop doing it.

She also said to look at your time management skills, and decide what time of day is best for you to exercise. I’ve already done this, and my best time is right when I wake up. That way I’ve done it, and can’t come up with any excuses not to do it later.

Another point is to value exercise for you. Do this as something special just for you; that you are important enough to take the time to do it for yourself. Again, this can be a problem if you don’t ever do anything for yourself. However, if this isn’t important enough, you’ve got a problem that really needs looking at. You really need to decide if your health, which has the biggest impact on the rest of your life is important enough to improve or not. I hope that you decide it is.

     Dr. Linda Papadopoulos also talks about how if you can get over the hurdle of the first two or three weeks, your exercise can become a routine. Once you manage this, it becomes much easier to continue with the new routine.  She also talks about rewarding yourself in some way for staying on track. Just don’t reward with food! Silly, because it’s just so obvious, but watch out for that one, since we’re always trying to trip ourselves up in various ways.

     And, her final observation is that if you can exercise with a friend, do so. It helps when you’ve got someone else to be accountable to. I hope that you’ve found this helpful.  Let me know.



Sometimes we just need affirmations like we need sun and water to help us grow; but also to help us stay on the path we have chosen.

     Transforming is not easy.  It’s not fun or thrilling.  It’s hard work and sometimes those closest to us decide to throw logs in our way to trip us up.  They are used to us the way we are, and change and be scary, not just to ourselves, but also to our loved ones.

     So, sometimes I just need to read, reread and read again for confidence, strength and courage.

    I just thought I’d share some affirmations with you to help you, too.

Teddy Bears and Other Stuffed Animals

I was listening to an NPR interview with Mark Nixon who wrote the book Much Loved.  I also found this article  This is a book about some people’s much loved Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals. It made me think about how much we rely on and need our stuffed animals. I have had a few over the years, and sadly had to give-up a few since they were completely falling apart. I took my yellow kitty with pink eyes to college with me, and slept with it every night. It also went on our honeymoon with us. Kitty slept in our bed with us until she fell apart and her stuffing kept leaking out all over the place. I’ve since had a little Teddy Bear my son gave me until he wanted it back. I then got Tigger and still have him. He sleeps with me every night, and if he falls out of bed, I’ll get out and look everywhere for him. I actually cannot sleep without him.

      My daughter had a red dog named Lucky and a golden dog named Scooter that she slept with for years. Every night she made up stories about the adventures they’d had all day which she would tell me in their own voices.  My son had a dog named Fluffy that he only gave me to put away for him when he was worried his friends might see Fluffy and make fun of him.

     I think that one of the great things about stuffed animals is that they’ll never leave you. Real animals have a tendency to get sick, old and die. Even people close to you can leave you in various ways.  But, you’ll always have your stuffed animal. Even once they get too “well loved”, you can keep them, just not hug and sleep with them.

I’m so glad that someone wrote a book with stories about these loved stuffed animals. The stories are so touching and the pictures so sweet.  Here’s to the much loved Teddies, and other much loved stuffed animals (who, by the way, really are real) everywhere!

Organizing Your Life (or at least your cupboards)

     Okay, so now that I’m taking a break from paid work, I’m in the process of trying to organize my life. I went through my kitchen cupboards over the weekend and was simply amazed at what I found. The number of expired ingredients was just embarrassing. When was the last time I cleaned out my cupboards? The answer, I just don’t know. I’m sure that the rest of the house is the same.

     I’ve got two large cupboards in the basement that I put the canned goods in. I put the ones I just bought in the front, because, you know, it’s just easier to put them there. I wonder how old the ones in the back are. I guess I’ll find out once I get down there. It’ll probably take me at least a week to work my way down there. Ah, procrastination.

      I’d love to know what your tricks are to staying organized. Please share.

Thoughts on Rejection

    This is how I’ve been feeling.  I wrote about my client that rejected me due to my calling and getting her medical care when she really needed it.  She was angry due to her family being told they were committing elder abuse by not caring for her.  So, I took a leave of absence from my job to recover from this rejection.  And, I find that I’ve been thrown for a loop, and have been wallowing in my pain.

     Originally I planned to use this time to clean and organize my house, and work on my writing.  But now I find that I’m stuck.  If this client didn’t want me when I tried to keep her healthy and safe, who will??  What a question.  In my mind I know that she was reacting to her family being angry, but still heart whines!

     So, I’ve got to come to terms with my ability to get over; and get on with it.  Of course it’s not fatal.  I won’t die from this… I went and looked for some good quotes and here is one:

     I need to get over myself and go back to my plan.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life, and it’s up to me to decide what to do with it.

     And, my favorite that I want to burn into my mind and onto my heart:


I try really really hard to be nice.  When I go to the store I try to have a kind word to say to the cashier, or the guy stocking the shelves, or especially the guy who sweeps and washes the floors.  In my life I’ve done the truly crappy jobs.  You know, the ones where you clean the toilets; wash the floors; and wash the dirty bottoms of other people.  I try to give everyone I meet a smile.

     But, there are the people who no matter how you approach them, just seem to have a chip (or boulder) on their shoulder.  You probably have run into them, or maybe you’ve even been them at one time or another.  (I know I have!)  So, when I meet them, I just try to take a deep breath and compliment them.  The way their hair looks, some tattoo they may have, the color of their shirt or pants, but something.  If someone is that  prickly, they need for me to be even more friendly and kind, even though I may not want to make the effort.

     So, let’s all be kind to one-another.  You never know what kind of a change it will make in the world.

Blogging 101 – 1st Assignment

I’m doing the Blogging 101 course, here’s my first assignment.  Introducing myself.

     I started this blog to help myself Transform into the person that I’ve always wanted to be.  In order to do this, I thought that I’d make myself accountable to others along with myself.  So, I thought that I’d share my journey with anyone who wants to follow and share their stories, etc.  I’ve become Vegan as this journey continues.  I’ve shared some of my philosophies and will continue to do so.  I’d like to share my problems with coping with self-esteem issues; fibromyalgia; obtaining fitness and health.  It’s a journey of both highs and lows.  And hopefully my journey can help others on theirs.