Tao Te Ching – Verse 29 – We Are the World


I recently picked up a translation with commentary of the Tao Te Ching at my local libraries’ book sale.  While the book itself was slightly battered, what I found inside is a treasure-trove of wisdom passed down over the last 2,500 years.  Verse 29, We Are the World, relates to today with its emphasis on how the most powerful and wealthy seek to destroy the planet.  Below is Verse 29 as it was translated by Ralph Allan Dale.  Read it, reflect on these powerful words and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Verse 29 – We Are the World

 Those who have most power and wealth

treat the planet as a thing to be possessed,

to be used and abused according to their own dictates.

but the planet is a living organism,

a Great Spiritual Integrity.


To violate this Integrity

is certain to cull forth disaster

since each and every one of us

is an inherent part of this very organism.


All attempts to control the world

can only lead to its decimation

and to our own demise

since we are an inseparable part

of what we are senselessly trying to coerce.


Any attempt to possess the world

can only lead to its loss

and to our own dissolution

since we are an intrinsic part

of what we are foolishly trying to possess.


The world’s pulse is our pulse.

The world’s rhythms are our rhythms.

To treat our planet with care, moderation and love

is to be in synchrony with ourselves

and to live in the Great Integrity.

Taken from Tao Te Ching  A New Translation & Commentary by Ralph Alan Dale Copyright 2002 by Ralph Alan Dale




Talking About Hate


This has been a disturbing time for many people.  Everywhere we look there is hate.  Hatred takes various forms, but it of course flourishes once you’ve turned someone into “the other”.  We show our hatred in many ways that are often considered “just culture”.  When we bite into a steak the thought of the life of the cow never even enters our minds.  When someone decides to kill an endangered animal, they truly do not consider the life of the animal.  After all, we have been told from a young age that we, as humans, are on the top of the food chain.  Actually, there is no scientific evidence to support that, but hey, culture.  This is one form of hate that is everywhere and “cultural”.  However, I want to specifically address hatred of the “other”.

This hatred bleeds into everything, from how people compare themselves to others, to every policy that a government supports.  We can see this in the actions of the Third Reich to the U.S. policies ejecting the Chinese after they built the railroads.  More recent behavior that is hateful is the denying asylum to children and adults seeking it.  Yet, the most egregious policy is the separation of children and parents at the border, the subsequent “losing” of some of these children, and the inevitable deaths of some children.

Most people don’t ever examine their actions, much less try to decide whether or not those actions are hateful or not.  I suggest that as a people, as a country, we take some time and examine this.  After all, it’s not just what you say that matters…. it’s what you do that shows who and what you are.  If you are at all interested in this topic, I suggest that you read the novel by Joseph Fink, Alice Isn’t Dead.  It will make you think, and hopefully discover for yourself whether or not you show love, or hate toward others.




Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


During this time in the U.S., there is obviously an agenda in place to divide us.  After all, a house divided will fall.  And that is the point behind this blatant agenda.  There are more people who are being hurt by the policies of the government – no health care; low wages; expensive food and housing; then there are who are pushing this agenda.  After all, the rich are getting much much richer as the rest of us are getting much much poorer.


In order to control the narrative and the behavior of the majority, the minority must make up ever more ludicrous fears.  This, of course, is done to keep the light off themselves and their real agenda, which of course, is to become even more rich, and gain even more power over the rest of us – the time honored “bait and switch” – look at my left hand while I steal from you with my right hand.  And some people are falling for it.  Believe me, Joe Blow has much more in common with an individual who is seeking asylum, then he does with a mega-rich person like Donald Trump.  However, in order to keep you from realizing this fact, he’ll repeatedly tell you how terrible that asylum-seeker is, in order to keep you from finding out how much alike you are.  And people have fallen for this.  Here are some Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes that emphasize the fact that we are all more alike than we are different, and what affects one, will affect all.  Remember, we are all one…we are all connected.



Repairing the World


Last weekend I watched the wonderful documentary on Fred Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (which I suggest that you watch also, since Fred Rogers was an extraordinary man).  While I was watching it, some of the words mentioned in regard to the mess that’s the U.S. right now were “Tikkun Olam” which I’d never heard of before.  The words were referenced with regard to the question ‘what can we do to help ourselves and the world right now’?  The response was “repair the world”.  I’m leaving a link below that better explains the background and original meaning of these words, but also emphasizes that the meaning that is usually associated with these words has to do with repairing the world by means of social justice and human responsibility toward fixing what is wrong with the world.


While changing the entire world is a huge task, and one that most of us are unable to achieve, after watching Won’t You Be My Neighbor? I was struck by how much each one of us can change the world.  How, you might ask?  By changing the world we live in.  Of course, we can sign petitions, march in protest, vote and give money to causes that resonate with us.  We should do all that.  But there are also direct actions that we can take.  We can declutter and make our homes as peaceful as we can.  We can also work at a soup kitchen.  These actions aren’t either/or, remember.  We can treat everyone we see with kindness.  And, for those of us who have limited money, it can be the most direct way of repairing the world.  I hope that I can manage to create a better world right where I am.  Hope you are inspired to do the same.



10,000+ Children and Counting


Over 10,000 migrant children, some of them seeking asylum on their own, and others taken from families seeking asylum, are now being held in various places in the U.S.  This is an increase in numbers, and they are being held in a variety of places.  Some are being held in tents in the desert of Texas, other are being crowded into other shelters which were never designed to hold the amount of people they are now being forced to hold.


Some of these facilities are being paid upwards of $750.00 per day, and someone is making a lot of money from this.  Not only that, but the money trail leads directly to the Trump administration, including one company paying half a million dollars toward Trump’s inauguration.  Other companies making millions on these practices include Betsy DeVos (Secretary of Education), and Jim Mattis (Secretary of Defense) as part of their investors.  Vice President Pence also has ties through his brother to other of these providers.

I’ve left some links for you to follow if you want to find out more.  The reporting is not only from highly respected new outlets, but I’ve also included a Snopes link. Let me know your thoughts on this matter.








quote-5 migrant children

Quotes for Columbus Day


I thought that I’d try something a little different for today.  Here are some Native American quotes I’d like to share with you all.


nativeamerican quotes 232


Don’t Be Silent


It’s important to speak out when there are injustices being committed.  Right now, in the U.S. there are forces gathered against many of our rights as citizens.  Not only are we treating asylum seekers as criminals, but we are allowing the murder of unarmed civilians be overly aggressive police.  Racism and bigotry are running rampant, and an entire gender is being told to “sit down and shut up”.

Who are the perpetrators of this?   For the most part it is angry white men.  Whether they identify as “incel”, white supremacist, or simply Republican, the message is always the same.  Whatever it is that they want, it’s so much more important than what you want/need.  The rest of us, and yes, there are more of us than them, are being divided by race, gender and sexual orientation.  It’s time to join hands and stand together.


If you believe in “liberty and justice for all”, do whatever you can with what you have.  Sign petitions; write your congressperson; register to vote (if you haven’t done so); join a protest/march; give a donation to an organization that follows your own morals.  Do what you can.  But most importantly, do not be silent!