Finding Wisdom

I have a difficult time celebrating Thanksgiving.  Remember, I’m Vegan so the food can be more than a little offensive.  This year I’m trying Tofurky for the first time!  I can hardly wait.  Then, there’s the first Thanksgiving thing, that was followed fairly quickly with that genocide thing.  So, here are a few quotes from the Native Americans.





Here are a few videos of how the government treats Native Americans.


Giving Thanks


Too often we don’t give thanks on a routine basis. I think that at least once a week, we should think about all the things that we have to be thankful for, and most importantly, acknowledge them.


It’s so much easier to focus on the negatives, but maybe we’d be happier people if we fixed our gazes upon all the positives. Even if you’re in the midst of negative circumstances, there must be something to be thankful for.


My list of thankfulness includes: my family, my pets, and my home. There are others that may sound mundane, but I’m glad for my eyes, my hands, my ears…I could continue indefinitely, but I’m sure you know where I’m going. The list is endless, and I’m sure that you can find endless things to be thankful for.  Please take time out from your busy Thanksgivings to give thanks. You’ll be happy you did.