Beating the Heat?


What exactly is beating the heat?  There really is nothing you can do about the weather; and if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.  We’ve had fourteen consecutive months of heat breaking weather, and now many parts of the U.S. are suffering.  I guess it’s our turn now.  We’re also in a drought, so I hope that we get rain soon.


So, what have I been doing to deal with this weather?  Not a whole lot, I can tell you that.  I was off the computer for two-and-a-half-days; and even with that I didn’t get much done.  We don’t have air-conditioning, so I’ve been running almost all my fans, almost all day.  Even our basement is feeling the heat.  In fact, I skipped my exercising for four days this week.


On a happy note, I’ve been puppy-sitting this week, so I did venture out for a walk each day.  It’s always important to keep all children, regardless of species well exercised.  After our walks, we all made sure to get hydrated, and lay in front of the fan.  We may have napped in front of the fan a few times, but hey! – it’s hot outside!


I’ve had many gallons of water this week; and made a bunch of different “cold” food, including pasta salad, stuffed tomatoes and quick stir-fries – anything to avoid turning on the oven!


Tomatoes stuffed with chickpea salad. Yum!

Another happy occurrence these past two weeks, is that I’ve gotten a lot of reading done; but other than that, not much.  I seem to have hit a little bit of a wall with my Camp NaNo, and no, I will not be “winning” this year.  Is it possible that your brain stops functioning in the heat and humidity?  If you’re living in the parts of the world where the weather is crazy hot, let me know what you do to “beat the heat”.



Things I Don’t Understand


As an animal lover, member of the human race, believer in the happy way of life and mainly trying to live most of my life in my make-believe world with the fairies, unicorns, pixies, and all the other magical creatures, I find many many things to be completely non-sensical.  Here is a partial list of the things that I can’t wrap my head around:


Guns – using them for any purpose whatsoever.


Using Animals – for food, entertainment, to wear.


Hate – really it serves absolutely no purpose.

I spend about an hour a day signing petitions against the most abhorrent things.  Animal abuse that is so horrific you wouldn’t believe it until you see the pictures/videos, newscasts proving it to be true.  The amount of people who are starving; who are abused in every way possible; human trafficking for sex or work; the daily oppression and hate that people deal with is mind blowing.  So much of the world is ugly, morally reprehensible.  And, it’s happening all over the world.  In our hometowns and across the globe.  Hate reigns – it’s a hate-fest out there.

I’ve been told that I “just don’t know what’s going on”.  Really?  I read the reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch; I read news from all over the world.  I’m pretty aware.


But all this awareness and knowledge doesn’t bring about and understanding of the hate.  Wake up, bring your anger against those who have the power to change things but don’t.  Those who write policies that make the world worse than ever; those are the people who deserve to lose their power, not the powerless.

All of us are the same.  What happens to one happens to all.

Words of Wisdom


I thought that I’d reflect a little on these words of wisdom.  We seem to becoming a much more divided nation lately.  This phenomenon is in our politics, our social media and even in our homes.

At a time when people can’t seem to understand each other, talk over each other, and just can’t “get along”, I thought that this quote was worth looking at and ruminating over.  I think that everyone can learn something from everyone else.  Even if you learn that you’d rather not spend time with that other person, you’ve learned something right?  That statement is of course taking “things” to an extreme; however, it’s something that I’ve learned with a few people in the past few weeks.  And that knowledge is okay.  You don’t need to agree, and if you can’t agree to disagree, you don’t need to slam your head into a wall, either.  You can just walk away.  Let go.  Take whatever you’ve learned and tuck it away with the rest of your own knowledge.  So let’s all step away, see if we can learn something, and let it go.  Let’s pretend we’re wise.



Did I Achieve My Goals?


This is a good question.  Did I indeed achieve the goals that I set out?  Well, so far this week I’ve done my best.  I did workout every day this week so far.  Yesterday I slept about an hour later than I usually do, but I went for a walk and stretched out afterwards, thus achieving my workout.  I’ve gotten one chapter written and the next one figured out.  So, by the end of the day on Saturday, I should have gotten both written.  As far as the illustration is concerned I may have to wait on that.  I haven’t gotten my scenes written, either, but again I still have this afternoon and Saturday to finish.


I’ve scoured the Internet in search of more summer salads, and have found some that look really tasty.  The wood has been stacked.  I’m happy to report that we’re almost finished.  I’m sure that my husband will finish the cutting, this weekend, and hopefully we’ll get the rest of the stacking done also.  We won’t be finishing all the logs, but we’ll have two full rows done, and get the logs covered for next year.  Yeah!


My floors have not been washed, but I’ll probably get that one done on Saturday morning.  I have dusted (not my favorite job), but it’s done!  So, I think that I did pretty well this week.  How have you done with your goals?  Every step counts, so just keep at it!



Clean Eating

clean eating

I’ve been interested in the clean eating movement for a while now.  At first I truly thought that this was a plant-based eating plan.  This way of eating sounds really great – who can argue with eating clean?  Many of the “rules” of this eating plan are commendable, including the emphasis on fruits and vegetables, and not eating prepared, and fast food.  If you eat this way, you are indeed doing your health a favor.  However, this is as far as it goes, since the “clean eating” also includes plenty of meat and dairy.


This is where I find that the “clean” part kind of falls apart.  There is nothing clean about eating slaughtered animals.  The filth that they live in and are slaughtered in has nothing remotely to do with the word clean.  Milk is filled with pus and blood; animals slaughtered for meat are raised with large amounts of prescription drugs which stay in their flesh, therefore landing on your plate.  In order for the meat to remain red and not turn grey and green it is injected with carbon monoxide.  Fish is filled with all kinds of pollutants, and heavy metals, including large amounts of mercury.

After looking into the “clean” eating revolution, I’ve decided that my lifestyle of vegan eating, limiting the amounts of prepared foods that I eat, and not buying fast-food is indeed the way to go.  What do you think of the clean eating movement?  Let me know in the comments below.


Weekly Goals and Motivation


When my children were young, I spent a long time without goals of my own.  Everything related to them.  Over the summers I would have a fairly lengthy list of things that I wanted us to accomplish; not that we did all of them, but we did do a lot of them.  However, these were the years that my writing took a back-seat to my family.  Not that I regret any of it, but I haven’t accomplished nearly what I thought I would.  I realize that other people have attained their goals while having a family.  For a long time I compared myself to them until I realized that that behavior was not helpful.  I am me, and the only thing that counts is that I improve myself.  If just focus on myself and not beat myself up about what I haven’t done compared to others, I find that I can set and accomplish my goals much easier.


So, here’s my list of goals to accomplish this week.  Write two chapters for my children’s chapter book.  Finish at least one illustration to go with the chapters.  Dust the house and wash the floors, (yes, I do need to list housework – wish I didn’t, but I am the maid).  Write down in my writing notebook drafts of scenes for other writings.  Workout every day.  Finish stacking all wood – get this done.  Find more summer salad recipes.


Okay that’s it.  My goals for the week.  Have you written down your goals?  Sometimes just getting through the week can be a goal!


Improving Myself?


I’ve been trying to improve many things about myself, however, as I stated the other day, I have been having more than a little difficulty with motivation.  I stopped working out for a few weeks earlier this summer, but am happy to report that I’ve started again and have kept it up for several weeks, now.


As far as my writing the children’s chapter book for Camp NaNo, I seem to have hit a wall.  Part of my problem involves the fact that I can’t draw, so I have to keep the characters close to something that I can draw.  So, even though it’s a slow process, it’s still a process.


I thought that I’d try new summer recipes this year, and I naively thought that would go swimmingly.  How silly of me.  This week in particular was pretty bad dinner-wise.  I actually stated that I’d had it (on Wednesday night) and thought that for the rest of the week we’d just get take-out.  That’s not happening, however I think that on Friday night we can get Chinese, and then eat the leftovers for dinner on Sunday.  Let’s just say that whatever I tried to cook this week came out like mashed up mush.  It was a not an epicurean delight.


Are you obtaining your goals, or does the heat and humidity of the summer got you all hot and flustered?  I sincerely hope my motivation and results improve dramatically.