Anger and its Effects on Your Health

I wanted to write about anger and how it can affect your health in negative ways. For one thing, stress can make us respond with anger to the most innocuous event. This is something that seems to be happening with ever increasing frequency in our lives.


Anger does all kinds of things to our bodies including raising our blood-pressure and heart rate (never a good thing if you’ve already got heart problems) and raises our blood sugar (this can have a negative effect, especially if you have blood-sugar problems). Anger can also interfere with our thought process, and can lead to us do and say things that are definitely not in our best interests.

While these can be simply short-term health issues, there are some of us who seem to be simmering along on a slow heat, ready to boil over into a rage-fueled anger lunatic. This type of anger can be the cause of many long-term health problems including high blood pressure, colds and flu, coronary heart disease, stroke, cancer and gastro-intestinal problems.

As usual with this type of problem, there are a lot of things that we can do ourselves to help us cope with anger. We can “take ten”; step back and take a moment – sometimes that’s all we need. I try to ask myself if this issue really warrants my angry reaction. Usually the answer is no; and I’ve avoided looking like an idiot. Walking away may be an answer, also. If you can’t do either, I suggest asking yourself if this will matter in a month. A lot of anger issues can be solved by thinking about that. Most of the irritating things that make us angry really aren’t all that important; they are just events that are inconvenient at the time.


There are also lifestyle changes that can be made to help with the anger issue. Tell people when you are angry in a calm manner; if you feel that you’re being used let them know it. Don’t keep bottling it up inside, but when you do so; be respectful of their feelings, also. Have a dialog and not a screaming match. Exercise is also a good way to work through anger issues. (I love to chop wood in the winter – it’s a great way to dispel anger). Yoga and meditation can be helpful, too.


Finally, there is another way to channel anger into motivation and accomplishments also. Don’t forget that anger can be a great impetus towards reaching your goals.


Goals and Motivations

Mondays can either be great or….not. On the plus side, the week is laid out in front of you like a blank canvas. You can paint it with broad, bright colors and take pride in what you’ve created when you get to the other side – otherwise known as Friday. Or…you can fill your canvas with black paint, twirling grays and browns with the black, and in the end, feel that you’ve let yourself down.

So, what will it be? Pride in yourself, or depression in wasting yet another canvas of a week? I thought I’d share some motivations to help us all paint brightly together.

Let’s Think About It – Fracking and You

Fracking is the process of breaking apart rock to access the natural gas and oil that is trapped within the rock. This process has led to many heated debates. I wanted to look at the issues this topic brings up and have a reasonable discussion regarding them.

The companies that produce this oil and gas are not required to publish exactly what chemicals they use to frack. Not only are they not required to disclose these chemical that they are pushing deep into the ground at a high pressure, but some of the chemicals that we have discovered they are using are known toxins. These include: benzene, toluene, xylene and ethyllbenzene. To begin with, benzene is linked to cancer and aplastic anaemia among other illnesses.
Toluene has been linked to problems with the brain (inability to think clearly); speech issues, and hearing loss among other illness.
Xylene has been linked to nervous system disorders.
Ethylbenzene has been linked to developmental problems with infants both in utero and after birth and illnesses of the nervous system.
These are just a few of the chemicals that have contaminated the drinking water around fracking sites. There are other problems with fracking one of which is the release of methane.
This is a serious issue, as it is one of the forces driving global warming.

Related to this issue, of course, are the people who can light their water from their drains on fire. There is a video of this imbedded here
I suggest that you read the article and watch the video.

Another point that I would like to make is the amount of water that is used to frack. According to 97 billion gallons of water have been used to frack all the wells in the U.S. Three-fourths of these wells have been drilled in areas of extreme drought. This article has wonderful charts and graphs and maps that you can look at, so I’m just going to tell you to look at the article for all the detailed information. This point is extremely important when you look at where the droughts are, and where fracking has been happening.

My final point is related to fracking and earthquakes. There is now scientific evidence that fracking is indeed causing earthquakes.
Not only that, but there is fracking going on near the San Andreas Fault
Now, I don’t live anywhere near California, however if I did I would be very concerned.

If you would like to read more about fracking and the affect that it has on people who live near the wells, this article would be helpful reading.

I’m sure that I’ve missed some points, however all the information you might need should be included in the many references I’ve given. Let me know what you think about what I’ve written.

Earth Day

What are you planning to do today? I hope that you already are doing certain things everyday to help our planet survive. Here are a few things that I do. I try to never use plastic bags. I have a rather large collection of cloth bags that I take with me to the grocery store every week. I have so many that I seldom use them all, but I take all of them with me just in case I run out. Unfortunately I don’t always remember to bring them with me when I’m just running out to the pharmacy, etc. so I can usually just put whatever I’ve purchased into my purse, but I’ve walked out of stores carrying the items in my hands. If you end up doing that, make sure that you’ve got your receipt right with you.


Other things include recycling everything I possibly can. I also wash my recycling, but that’s just me – I know, crazy right? At least it doesn’t smell. I also never ever buy bottled water. We have our own well, and our water is just wonderful; but if I want to bring some with me, I have several of those special PBA-free bottles that I can use over and over again. I just have to make sure I’m fairly organized and remember to bring them.


Another one of my favorite tricks is to never go out with just one location on my to-do list. I usually try to plan my errands so I can do them all at once. I hate just going to one store at a time. Not only does this save gas, it also saves time. Something I never seem to have enough of.

You would not believe the amount of composting that I do.  In the course of just one day I can have several banana peels, at least one grapefruit peel, carrot peels, onion layers, pepper tops and seeds, squash peels, potato eyes, turnip peels, – I could go on and on.  Over the winter I saved all this stuff in my fridge and hauled it all out once every two or three days into the woods.  Every time I go out there to add to my compost pile, some animal has eaten almost all of it overnight.  That of course was the plan all along.  Especially over this past winter when we had about two and a half feet of snow on the ground.  Talking of food, I hope that you’re using up your leftovers.  That’s another way to save on food-costs and stretch your dollar.  It’s also something that a lot of people just don’t do.  Casseroles are wonderful things and great ways to use up those little bits of leftovers.

There are other things I do.  Household products don’t have to be toxic, so try to think about that when you buy new ones.  Just remember to double-check the ingredients on-line before you buy them, since some that claim to be environmentally friendly really aren’t, so be careful.

So, that’s me, what do you do to protect the Earth?

Riding in Cars with Boys


I couldn’t help using that title. I didn’t actually ride in cars with boys. I rode in our Firebird with one man – who I’m married to. That just doesn’t sound as exciting does it? However, we went on our first car ride of the year yesterday. It’s been a long winter, my husband’s been working out of state for the last three weeks, so we were more than happy to get out of the house and just ride around pretty much aimlessly for a few hours yesterday afternoon. This is one of our favorite things to do.


As a matter of fact, this is one thing that we’ve done fairly consistently over our marriage; but during the first part of our marriage – B.C. (before children) we rode around on our Honda Goldwing touring bike. That was cool. Actually it was the epitome of cool. Imagine, if you will, riding into a campground on your motorcycle, hauling a little trailer behind you. Within a half-hour, you’ve got your pup tent along with a protective tarp up; your grill out and another tarp hung up over that, affording you protection in case it rains. Yep, we were the cool motorcycle dudes camping for two weeks at a time every summer, usually in Canada. Fun times, those.


Now we just ride around in our car. This summer we’re hoping to do the Wine Tour; check out Newport R.I. and Cape Cod (before the Memorial Day Weekend); along with other places yet to be determined. Happy Days are here again!

Motivations for the Weekend

If you’re anything like me, you might just shut off your alarm on Friday night thinking oh, it’ll be the weekend so I’ll just sleep in tomorrow morning.  May I say DON’T DO IT!!  You’ll use this as an excuse to not get any of your goals met.  This is a black hole that you really shouldn’t go down.  Believe me, I know.  It may just start as a Saturday thing, but then you’ll just slide right into Sunday with the same mind-set. I speak from much experience when I say do not go there!  It’s a lie…you’ll regret it on Monday morning!  So here are some motivations to keep me and you on the right track!

Don’t keep waiting to change.  Start on your path today!

Staying Positive When Life Isn’t

Keeping a positive attitude is something that I find difficulty doing. My husband is working out of state, and it seems that this is actually putting us in the red. Of course working out of state shouldn’t cost you money; however it looks as if the company he works for doesn’t want to pay him any extra for the extra money living away from home costs. Granted, we live pretty frugally. I make his lunch and snacks when he works from home; we don’t go out to eat very often (only if I can get a decent coupon). But still, should it cost you money to work out of state? Other people have left the company, probably due to these same conditions. Hopefully when he comes home this week, he can find out the answers to this question. He has also been away for three weeks at this point, when it was originally going to be just two weeks at a time.

Now, before you think that I can’t live without him, let me tell you that when our children were four and one years old he worked in Russia for months at a time. This went on for a number of years. So, I became pretty adapt at operating as a single mother – but there was money to pay the bills, and his expenses were all paid for. It’s the paying his own expenses that is the problem.


How can I stay positive? I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Obviously it can be quite difficult at times. How do other people who have a lot more problems than I do keep it positive? I really don’t know, but I’ve found that planning ahead, budgeting and having a plan B can help. My issue is when I feel that things are out of my control. I’ve done what I can, and now I’ve just got to wait and see what’s going to happen next. Have I said that I’m a control freak? I am. So, I’m taking deep breaths, checking out my expenses, and trying to stay calm and positive. Any other ideas?