Feeling Over-whelmed and Unorganized

I started taking some classes recently, and I’ve been having a hard time dealing with them. I can’t seem to find a regular time to do my classes, or to plan on when to listen to them. It’s been so long since I took any classes, that all I feel is relief that these are on-line and I can finish up whenever I want. This could perhaps be my problem, since I don’t have a deadline; but I’m so unorganized and confused as to what time of day is the best to study. It seems that as soon as I decide that this or that time is the best, something comes up and interferes with my plans.

Last week it was my pets. My daughter’s cat was very sick and had to go to the vet twice. We spent countless hours worrying about her, trying to get her to eat, and generally feeling exhausted with stress, that my on-line school suffered (so did hers). It’s a terrible thing when a beloved pet is ill. She seems to be on the mend now, but is still a source of constant worry.

This week I seem to be fighting the need to fall-clean the house; and my husband may be coming home for a few days. He’s been working out of state all summer, and nearing the end of the job; however, there will be a week’s lag in time for some much needed materials to come in, and he will be coming home for those few days. This of course will send the household into a frenzy, since he’ll be using some of his vacation days to get some things done around the house. Things that I’ll be expected to drop everything for, and help with.

So, now that I’ve listed all my excuses, I’m going to try and actually listen to a lesson!  I’ll just have to do what I can do, when I can do it.


Pope Francis

While I am not a religious person, I certainly have been following Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. I thought that I’d just share with you some of the quotes that he has made.

The interesting thing about his Holiness’s visit is that the religious “right” has been so offended by the Pope’s commenting on the state of inequality in the world, and also in the U.S. I just read that 1.5 million people live on under two dollars a day. I don’t know how this is even remotely possible.


What I do know is that if you protest that you are truly religious, maybe you should follow the major tenets of your religion.

If you don’t remember where it is in the Bible that the Pope is getting his beliefs from, just read up on the Sermon on the Mount.  That may help you remember.

Educate Yourself

This is a wonderful article that compliments my latest post!

Vegan Treasure Hunter

NETFLIX! I would have never thought that the service responsible for entire weekends lost to binge watching ridiculous TV series would be such an outstanding source of information for sustainable, healthy, and cruelty free vegan lifestyles.

Documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, Blackfish, The Cove, Vegucated, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, and most recently Cowspiracy, are becoming more and more well known. I’ve read that Cowspiracy has really hit home with the public, inspiring individuals and even a restaurant in Texas to go completely plant-based…And it’s only been available for a short time! It makes me little vegan heart swell up with pride! ❤️🐾

It’s a fact that some people’s minds are so closed that they will not absorb the info presented in these documentaries, and it’s a sad fact that some people’s hearts actually don’t care about their own health, their families health, the environment, or innocent animals. What…

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It’s My Choice!

This is something that I’m informed of almost every time that I order a vegan meal. It doesn’t matter who it is that I’m sitting across from, this is the reaction. I don’t even have to say anything – in fact I usually don’t. I’ve learned over the past few years to just keep my mouth shut. Why would I willingly open myself up to criticism over my food and lifestyle choices? As anyone who is vegan will attest, we hear the following way too often “But what about protein?” “I love bacon, lol!”

Of course, it’s beyond me when someone tells me of their love of bacon, as if this love doesn’t cause insane amounts of terror and agony to another living species. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know exactly how your precious meat comes to your plate. The numbers of stories that have been all over the nightly news, etc. just in the past year are astonishing.



There are more news stories, but I’m sure that you know where this is going. So what if it’s your choice? If you were really happy about this choice, I’m sure you wouldn’t feel the need to jump all over me for my choice of food and lifestyle. Why when I keep my mouth shut and simply order do you feel obligated to rant at me?

The interesting thing is that years ago it was also “someone’s” choice to smoke – or, more accurately, to blow smoke in my face. Remember when this was a person’s “choice”, and the rest of us had to deal with it? My great-aunt, who never smoked a day in her life, suffered years and years with breathing problems and eventually died of lung cancer, due to my great-uncle “choosing” to smoke in the house.

Like most choices that we all make on a daily basis, this choice also has consequences for other people. The environmental impact of factory farming is unbelievable. This in turn impacts many other people from the droughts in California to the starving peoples of Africa.




As you can read for yourself, this choice has some pretty major impacts on the rest of us. I often get the comment that one vegan won’t change anything; and is it worth the “trouble” of not eating meat and dairy.  As you can see from the carbon footprint graph below, there is indeed a positive consequence to one person becoming vegan.

Think about it.  Please, for the environment, for the animals and for yourself.

Attempting New Things

I have to admit that I am absolutely terrified. I’m attempting to obtain my Coaching Certificate via an on-line program. This will be the first time that I’ve gone to any form of school in over 25 years. Plus, this is the first time that I’ve attempted anything “new” in quite a while. When I signed up for this course yesterday afternoon, I thought that I was going to be sick. I’m so nervous about the whole thing. But “putting myself out there” is so not what I’m good at.

It’s not like I haven’t been thinking about doing this for a long time. Actually I’ve been thinking about getting a Coaching Certificate for a number of years. As with anything, I had to think about it for a while, get my finances organized, and get my self-confidence up. In order to follow-through on anything, I always have to first make a purchase that I need to justify. So, I bought a refurbished off-lease laptop on Saturday. I knew that if I was going to actually do the certificate program, I was going to need my own computer to use. (When my husband is home, he’s on the computer and there’s no getting him off it). Then, on Sunday I actually paid for the program.

So, here I am a student after all these years. And terrified of it. I don’t really know why I’m so nervous. If there was ever anything I was good at, it was being a student. I love to learn, but it’s been so long! Have you gone back to school after being away for a long time; and how did it go?


Do we have to forgive other people for the terrible things that they’ve done to us or to our loved ones? Is this something that’s mandatory for us to live happy lives? This is something that I’ve been wondering about for quite a few years. My family was exceedingly abusive to me all my life. It was mostly emotional abuse; however I was hit with a belt on my little naked butt often.  However, I’ve found that the emotional abuse is the abuse that’s had the most lasting effects.

I married and moved away from my family (emotionally) almost immediately. However, it wasn’t until I gave birth that I finally admitted that their behavior was anything but normal. For years I had been protecting myself by keeping most of my thoughts and deeds secret, and that was how I survived my early years. After marrying it was much easier to keep the majority of my life secret, and I learned to never speak my mind, or show any form of vulnerability, as it was always used against me in some manner.

My relationship with my family has been severed for about 18 years. This separation was not brought about on my own behalf; instead it took the abuse of my son to end these relationships. I’ve learned to live without my mother, father or sister in my life. In fact, I often consider myself lucky to not have to deal with such abuse on a daily basis.

However, I’ve been told by various people that I have to forgive and forge a new relationship with my family in order to “heal”. Why would I do that? Why would I have a relationship with people who are toxic to both me and my children? The answer is always because they are my birth family; my parents and my sister; as though that fact excludes the abuse that I and my son suffered at their hands. This to me is simply crazy. I’ve forgiven already by realizing that even though they didn’t treat me or my son well, they had their reasons. What those reasons were I don’t know, and don’t care to know. I take solace in the fact that they are out of my life, and have continued to improve my own life and my son’s simply by the fact they have no control over us. Forgiving is one thing; allowing the abuse to continue another. What are your thoughts on forgiving?