The Importance of Affirmations


Because I have a negative person in my life that I can’t run away from, I’ve started saying affirmations in earnest.  This person has really eroded my sense of self-worth to a dangerous level.  At this time, the only way that I can “fight back” is to say affirmations several times a day.  By working on myself, I hope to dilute the effect that his words have on me.


So, since I like to research things I thought that I’d find out if affirmations really do work, and if so how they work.  Anything to boost my belief system, right?  It turns out that affirmations help how we feel about ourselves on a subconscious level.  That subconscious level is where our belief systems “live”, if you will.    If we can change those beliefs, we can affect our thoughts about ourselves, and in turn affect our lives.

Another important thing about affirmations is that they must be said in the “I”, and in the present.  One of my affirmations is “I am a worthy person.”  As you can see, it’s said both in the “I”, and also in the present.  Another important thing is that the affirmation must be positive.  No negative thinking, as that it what you are trying to change.  There is another way to making the affirmation work.  If you use an emotional word as part of your affirmation, this will help make the change that you want to make.  My parents often told me that I was “worthless”, so affirming that I have worth is an emotional statement for me.


One of the most important things about saying affirmations is that you should say them at various times throughout the day.  I say mine five times, five times a day.  I also say them a few times while I’m lying in bed trying to go to sleep at night.  I have kept my list of affirmations to just five.  By keeping the number of affirmations short, I don’t feel like I’m spending too much time saying them.  For me this number seems to be just about right.

Do you use affirmations?  Have you found that they’ve helped you?  Let me know in the comments below.


The Democratic Party Platform – 2016


 First of all, here is the link to the party platform.

In this post, I’ll be trying to distill the Democratic Party Platform from 55 pages into a more readable form.  First of all, it starts out with the belief that we are stronger together than we are apart.  Then, it goes on to tell us exactly how they will make us stronger.  One of the first mentions is income inequality.  Stating that 99% of the newly created wealth is going to .01% of the country.  One solution to this, is that the Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.  This will have the added benefit of moving more people out of poverty, thus lowering the number of working families that are on food stamps, electricity payment help, and moving them off the other social programs that working people who are living in poverty need to make ends meet.  They also believe in granting equal pay for equal work.  Right now, there is an income inequality that pays women and minorities lower wages for the same job.  This is seen as a problem as it affects the families of these workers.  The Democrats vow to change this.

Another promise is the passage of a paid medical and family leave.  As it is now, there is no “right” for a worker to even be allowed any time off for medical or family leave, much less a paid leave.  Another promise is to expand Social Security.  As it stands now, elders receiving Social Security (which they paid for) can barely make ends meet.  Also, many disabled individuals cannot receive Social Security and live in extreme poverty.  The party platform plans to reduce such poverty.

These are just a few of the ideas and plans that the platform includes.  There are also ideas for improving infrastructure that is so necessary to the health of the nation’s economy.  Creating good paying green energy jobs is another idea.  Putting money into science, technology, research and education is another promise.

I could go on and on, but I encourage you to read this document before you vote.  The overall tone of the platform is to bring all of the people who live in this nation together in order to rise together.  This platform is inclusive instead of divisive.  Read it and education yourself before November 8th.



Vitamin B-17 – aka Laetrile


I have been hearing a few things about Vitamin B-17 also known as Laetrile.  This is a vitamin that I’ve never heard of before, so I was intrigued.  When I looked up information regarding this “vitamin” I found that it’s not actually a vitamin at all, but a substance found in raw nuts, the pips of many fruits (apricot for one), lima beans, clover and sorghum, called Amygdalin.

This website was full of information regarding the use of Laetrile as an alternative cancer treatment.  They say that when laetrile breaks done in the system, it becomes arsenic and can poison the person ingesting it.  Also, they point to two studies where there was no discernible positive result for people who did use laetrile as a cancer treatment.


However, the above website has a lot of information regarding the Sloane-Kettering trials on the use of laetrile as a cancer fighter.  The takeaway from this research is pointing at a direct correlation between drug company profit vs. actual curing and preventing cancer.  Am I surprised?  No, I’m not.  When people are suffering from high blood pressure, heart attacks and other diseases, oftentimes the only “cure” that is suggested by a doctor is a pill.  No diet or exercise routine is even discussed.  Why, because frankly, there is no money to be made by suggesting a lifestyle change.  What do you think of cancer research?  Do you think it just might be a business designed to make as much money as possible for the pharmaceutical companies?  Let me know in the comments below.



Lament for my Library


 My library has been closed for six weeks now.  It’s not closed closed, there are renovations going on – my small library is going to be a little larger when it reopens, however, I’ve been going through withdrawal.  Yes, I am a library addict, and I admit it.  I also have absolutely no intention of stopping my behavior!  I usually go to my library at least once a week, but have been known to stop by twice or even three times a week.  When my kids were little we may have managed to go every day in the summer!


It will be re-opening on November 1st – a day that I’m simply living for, at this point.  I took out a large batch of books, and have finished all of them.  I now am reading some of my daughters’ books, and I do have a few on my own shelves to read.  However, I really do miss going to the library as well as being at the library.  I love the hush, the smell and just being surrounded by books.


Once they re-open, I’ll be going every Saturday in order to write, study my coaching stuff, and organizing a new way of living.  I intend to make Saturday my day to settle down and get my work done.  Oh, I just can’t wait!


Monsanto at The Hague


 First things first, for those of you who may not know, The Hague is the International Court, located in the Netherlands.


This international court that has presided over many international cases.  In the case of Monsanto, the court will be looking at the potential liability for Monsanto to be charged with damages to human and environmental health.  There are 26 countries that have banned GMO’s (including the products produced by Monsanto).    The ingredients that Monsanto uses in its pesticides (both that are sprayed, and the ones that are inserted into the seeds) have been found to be carcinogenic to both humans, animals and insects.


One of the reasons for this new trial against Monsanto is the company’s aggressive behavior toward the EFSA (Europe Food Safety Agency).  Monsanto sued this agency after they banned the product.

There will be many well-known and respected scientists who will be both disputing Monsanto’s scientific evidence; along with presenting their own evidence against Monsanto products.  To find out more about this important case, please follow the links I’ve provided.  Let me know what you think about this issue?  Do you believe that your food is safe?


The Solace of Nature


I’ve written quite a lot about nature.  I love it, find that time spent enjoying nature, even looking at pictures of nature makes me feel so much better.  I’ve been taking pictures of my yard lately and thought that I’d share some of them with you.

This last picture is my favorite.  I still can’t believe that it came out like this.  I had woken up to a foggy morning.  Hope you enjoyed them.