Why is Science Important?


This past weekend there was a march in Washington, D.C., along with other marches around the world in support of science.  We actually needed a march to support science.  I still can’t wrap my head around that fact.  The marches were in support of evidence, fact-based and peer-reviewed science.  This is needed since the administration in Washington is against both science and peer-viewed research.  Research needs to be peer-reviewed, since anyone could claim to be a scientist, publish a “study” and claim anything.  We already can see that happening, so it needs to be stopped.  Science is actually one subject that can be proved correct.  Just because someone doesn’t like what is scientifically proven doesn’t mean that they have the ability to claim it is false.


For those people who think that we don’t need science, do you like using your technology?  Phones, laptops, t.v., all are science-based.  Should funding be cut, so will your technology.  How about “cutting-edge” health care?  All those new life-saving surgeries are based on science.  Do you like your new medicines?  Those too come from science. If funds are cut so will your health, since there will be less money spent on keeping you healthy.  Science is life-saving.  It affects all of us in every part of our lives.  Support science, your life may very well depend on it.


Dreaming of Gardens


We have two wood stoves at my house, and this is how we heat in winter.  While that’s all well and good, we also have to take some trees down every year, as well as get some logs delivered in order to have enough wood to last a winter.  Luckily, we’re nearing the end of taking our own trees down, and have only a few more to go.  Since we’ve already rented a wood chipper this spring, I know that we’re finished with the trees this year.  Unfortunately, we needed to take down some smaller trees in the backyard due to their being a hazard.  Because of this, we now have some room back there that will be rather bare once we get the trees cut up and the wood stacked.

So, I’ve been dreaming of gardens.  You know, those fantastic English gardens that look so wonderfully peaceful?  Those gardens.  However, as much as I dream of having gardens like that, I know that I just don’t have the ability to create them.  In my head, I’m the most artistic person ever.  In reality, not so much.  I do have a spatial-relation problem (I can’t picture how something is going to look), but I also don’t know much about gardens.  Years ago, I had a large vegetable garden, and I did manage that pretty well.  However, I’ve never planted flowers and have no idea how to go about it.  So, for the moment I’m just dreaming of gardens.

If you have any books for inept beginners that I could read in the subject, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know.  Meanwhile, here are some photos of wonderful gardens to enjoy!




Even though we had what you could only call a late winter – very little snow until the end of February, then feet of snow in March, I have the feeling that Spring may actually be here at last.  Of course, we broke the temperature records for heat this week, but thankfully that was just one day.   As I’m writing this, it’s a pretty chilly 60° out with quite a breeze.  However, I’m hoping that we’re all done with the snow – I hope.  Connecticut’s been known to suffer blizzards in April.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken in the last few days showing that Spring just may be here.  Enjoy!


Winter Wonderland


For most of the winter we haven’t gotten much snow, as a matter of fact the winter has unsurprisingly been fairly warm.  However, just a few days ago, it was 60°, (and we were battling mud), then the next day we got 17 inches of snow.  One of the old quotes about New England is “If you don’t like the weather, just stick around for a few hours, it’ll change.”  This winter is stretching that truism quite far.  However, with all the snow, it’s turned into a winter wonderland, and I just wanted to share some of my pictures with you.  Enjoy!


This is where you put the Frisbee to avoid it getting caught in the snow blower.


The Solace of Nature


I’ve written quite a lot about nature.  I love it, find that time spent enjoying nature, even looking at pictures of nature makes me feel so much better.  I’ve been taking pictures of my yard lately and thought that I’d share some of them with you.

This last picture is my favorite.  I still can’t believe that it came out like this.  I had woken up to a foggy morning.  Hope you enjoyed them.


The Book Barn – A Bibliophile’s Dream


One of the many small buildings at the main Book Barn

On Thursday, my daughter and I went to Niantic to visit the books at The Book Barn.  The Book Barn is a series of buildings located along Main Street in Niantic, Ct., containing over half-a-million books between the four stores.  Since we’ve only gone to the big store – the one with the large house full of books and the little buildings outside, we decided that we would visit some of the other locations this time.

What a treat!  I’d always wondered where in the heck they kept the books on myths and legends, classics, philosophy and metaphysics.  Now I know.  They live in the Downtown store.  Finally!  I was in my element.

Since we went after Labor Day, there were only a few people and we got to spend as much time looking through the books before making any purchasing decisions.  How great is that?

After this fabulous experience we went to the Natural Food Store, again in Niantic, where we perused the entire store, had a good time and bought some drinks and chips for our lunch.  We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at a picnic table at the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, where we watched the waves, looked at the boats and witnessed a pair of seagulls, one of which was totally enthralled with the other one.  What a great day!  I hope your weekend is as good as my day yesterday.  Happy Friday!

Where do you find your Solace?


When life gets too crazy and I find myself depressed or stressed (or both), I take a walk.  If I don’t have time to go for a long walk, I just wander around in my yard and take photos.  I find that taking some time out not only helps me connect with nature, it also changes my perspective.  Here are some photos that I’ve taken recently.  Hope you like them.


oak tree

One of our biggest trees. I love how it shades the house during our hot summers.


The side yard.

I hope that you also can find nature where you live.  Even the sky and clouds can do the trick for me.