2015 Summarized

rear view mirror


I thought that I’d take a look back at 2015 so that I can see where I did well, and where I need to make improvements. Every year is such a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. I also need to take a good look at my failings so that I can avoid repeating them in the New Year. There is nothing worse than making mistakes and not learning from them!


So, to start off on a positive note, my vegan lifestyle was pretty easy to continue. I had no desire to eat chocolate candies on Easter (which had been my downfall in 2014), and no animal products passed my lips. I also didn’t buy any clothing, etc. that contained animal products. Very good job, if I do say so myself.


My writing didn’t do as well, unfortunately. I did indeed write all the blog posts that I wanted too; so that was a good thing. However, my novel needs work, and all the other plans I had fell to the wayside. This is definitely an area that needs much work.


Organization of household chores and crap didn’t really lose much head-way, however, my schedule needs to change. I really need to work on including all aspects of my goals for the year into my daily schedule. This is an item on my to-do list for the New Year.


Exercise and health are other areas that need much improvement. I’ve been staying up much too late and not getting up and working out. Boo me! Again, I must change my lifestyle to include this all-important part. I also need to make appointments for a physical at both the general practitioner and the “lady doctor”. This is going to be included in my goals list.


Overall, I’m not really happy with what I achieved this year. However, I do know what I need to do to make more changes and meet my goals in 2016. On Friday I’ll let you know what those goals are. Let me know how your year stacked up. I hope that you had more on the positive side, and less on the negative.



Gratitude For All I Have



This time of year makes me spend a lot of time thinking about all that I’m grateful for. I have my family, my pets and a roof over my head. I don’t have to worry about where I’ll get my next meal, and we’re all fairly healthy. I have so much more than so many other people. I just wanted to take time out from my busy life to share some wonderful quotes on gratitude.


Being grateful for what we have can change our lives.  It’s so easy to get caught up in what we don’t have.  Make gratitude your focus and watch your life change, for it will.




Since this is Christmas week, I wanted to share some quotes on Joy with you. What a wonderful season this is!


This holiday season I’m going to try my best to bring joy to others. Whether it’s making sure that I thank the cashier at the store, or give away a parking space. Often it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.


Don’t forget to bring joy to your family! Too often it’s easier to be nice to a stranger than it is to be wonderful to your own family. After all, you don’t know a stranger the way you know your family members. Be kind, be loving and be joyful!


Despair, Sadness and Hope?


On Wednesday, I received some bad news. Although it’s not my news, it has however affected my life and my mental health. I can only say that a family I am close to has been ripped apart. It looks like they will not be spending Christmas together, and one family member has been sent away across the country.


There is really nothing that I can do, and herein lays my problem. I. Cannot. Do. Anything.  For someone who strangely believes somewhere in my heart of hearts that if I only try hard enough, I can save the world, this is devastating. On some level, I truly believe that if I only love hard enough, big enough, I can “fix” anything. When I can’t (because this is not possible), my heart lays bleeding on the floor. You would think that after all these years I would get used to it, but no…each and every time this happens, it hurts just as if it were the first time.


I have indeed come up with a few things that I hope I will be allowed to do. I can write letters and send cards. I an offer emotional support to those family members I can. This was the worst possible outcome, and the only thing I can do is offer my heart-felt support and love.  For my own mental health I need to focus on what I can do.


I don’t think I’m a super-hero, wielding love as my super power. But wouldn’t that be the best super power? A love that solves all problems. If only.. So, I need to stop my descent into despair and sadness and concentrate on how I can help.  It’s the only thing that will save me.

Self Reflection


I’ve been thinking about whether or not I act the way I believe. I don’t intend harm to anyone, but do I actually live life that way? Personally I think that it’s a good thing to wonder about the way that you live your life. Reflection can be important. Checking on how you are living as compared with your beliefs is always a good thing to do, and maybe as the year comes to a close, reflection on your actions as opposed to your beliefs should be undertaken.


I googled ethical living and got a lot of hits. The subjects varied from environmental, to food, to treating other people with respect. In the end, I feel that your behavior has to do with living your beliefs. If you are religious, then you should live your religion. So, if you’re Christian, live the golden rule – “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Simple. Did you do that this year? Did you help others in need? Did you offer food and drink? Did you offer to help refugees, the poor, the needy? If so, good for you! Your end-of-year reflections should make you feel good. If not, why not?


Thinking about our actions should be a daily activity. Was I mean or short with someone who had asked for my help? Is that the way that I would want to be treated? If we’re aware of our actions, we can change them. If we don’t reflect, we remain unchanged. How can we grow for the better if we don’t acknowledge that we need to improve?


I would love to report that I’m living my beliefs. That I’m always helpful and kind. Sure, and pigs can fly; unicorns live in my back yard; and my front yard has a money tree growing in it. Of course not! Is there much room for improvement? Yes! And a resounding yes this is! I am not as kind or loving as I could be. My patience can be short. But by reflecting on my own behavior (as opposed to thinking about someone else’s behavior) I give myself the opportunity to change. How often do you reflect on your behavior, and does it help you to become the person you would like to be?