Looking Back on my 2016 Goals


I wanted to take a look back over 2016 and see how many of my goals I accomplished.  Here is my list, in my own words from last 2016:

I’m planning on following a schedule, which will include:  working out, writing, setting up websites, getting better at cooking vegan, and finishing all my coaching certificates.  Along with:  making curtains, quilts and other crafts; keeping up with my organization skills; and working on meditation for my own peace of mind.


Okay, this is enough to make me jump into bed and hide under the covers.  Did I achieve any of these goals?  Well, I have been learning new vegan recipes; bills have been paid within two or three days after receiving them, so my organization skills have gotten much better in that aspect.  I can now find all my paperwork in the filing cabinet, filed in the right folder, so whoopee for me!  See, that did get done.  I still haven’t finished my certificates, nor have I been putting my quilts together.  I’ve completed quite a few squares, but not set up the sewing machine to start putting the quilts together.  No curtains, either.   I have been working on my writing, and won NaNoWriMo this year!  Okay, I’ve fallen off my exercise routines lately, but have been walking almost every day for a year.  Both good and bad as far as exercise.  No website yet, nor actual meditation either.  I do repeat affirmations in bed while I’m waiting to fall asleep.  So, I think that’s a type of meditation.


Okay, so, both bad and good this year.  A lot of room for improvement.  How did you do with your 2016 goals?  I hope that you achieved more of them than I did.  Let me know in the comments below.



Things that I’m Still Waiting For


Once again, it’s the end of a year, and I have to admit that I’m still waiting for some things.  So, here’s some of the things that I’m still breathlessly waiting for.

The sound of the Tardis. Where in the heck are you Doctor?  I’ve been a good girl all year (he**, I’ve been a good girl for years and years now), and I keep waiting for the sound of the Tardis.  There is a small niggling feeling that maybe I’m an unknown Donna Noble?  Please say it isn’t so.  I’ll move to England if that makes it easier for you to find me.  Please, Doctor, please!


And, speaking of Doctor Who, I must admit that I’m waiting for some form on non-lethal Adipose. Yes, I know those cute little guys kill, however, I want the non-murdering kind.


My letter from Hogwarts. Come on, it’s been missing for years.  I must have the most lost, confused owl bringing mine.  I know there has to be a letter out there for me, since my Muggle family was almost as bad as Harry’s


My unicorn. I’ve been waiting for years and years now.  This is not some new thing that I want to see.  A unicorn has been on my list for a long long time.  Is it too much to ask for?  I don’t think so.


While I wrote this post, the only word to describe the world for me is gray.  We’ve had no sun for a number of days now, I always get the after-Christmas blues, and looking forward to 2017 brings a great deal of trepidation.  Hence, the silliness of the things that I’ve been waiting for.  I could have been more “sober and serious”, but I simply didn’t want to.  After all, what good is a life if we can’t have a fantasy world that we’re waiting for?  What is it that you’re still waiting for?

‘Twas the Day After Christmas


I don’t know about you, but I seem to simply wear myself out over Christmas.  First of all, I worry mightily over the gifts that I’ve bought.  Will they be “good” enough?  Did I spend fairly?  How will they like them?  Were they the “right” thing?  The list goes on and on.  Can I afford all the gifts that I bought?


Not only did I have all the gift worries this year, but I also had the most difficult time making the pie.  I always make the pie and the sweet potatoes the day before, since there is all the gift opening, breakfast making and wrapping paper cleaning to do on Christmas, not to mention the three different dinners I had to make this year.  My pie crust rolled out exceedingly dry – I had no idea how it would bake.  However, that worked out well, and it ended up being quite flaky – which is how we all like it.  This of course, just added to my list of worries until we finally ate it last night (in lieu of supper).  It turned out fine, of course.


So, on to today, the “day after”.  I’m exhausted, emotionally depleted, and in need of a vacation.  Is this how you feel?  I tell you, thank goodness Christmas is only once a year.  I don’t think I’d survive more than one day.  I hope that you had a wonderful day with your loved ones.  All in all, it’s more than worth the emotional aftermath.  Don’t you think so?



I love diversity.  There is nothing more boring than only seeing what you’ve already seen.  Or heard, read or experienced.  I’ve spent some time in those “retirement communities” which are almost never diversified, and can attest that they are the most boring places as far as I’m concerned.  Usually everyone is exactly the same, with much of the same life experiences and world-view.  It’s also interesting to note that to me, they seem like high school all over again, with the “popular kids” and then everyone else.  So, when I see and hear random people talking about how much diversity hurts the America that they want to make great again, I just don’t understand it.


One of the best things about Netflix (and I admit that I’ve definitely been a binge watcher), is that I can watch movies from all over the world.  Some of the best movies I’ve seen have been made by Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi directors, writers and/or producers.  I also read novels that have been written by people of many different cultures, with a completely different world-view from myself.  I’ve learned more things by reading novels written about different countries and cultures than I ever learned in school.  I’ve learned about the ancient traditions of Chinese cooking, and the symbolism of different dishes from Chinese writers.  Even though, as a Vegan, some of the cooking descriptions were uncomfortable to read, I gained a respect and understanding of Chinese cooking that I didn’t have before, and it made me look at the dishes that I prepare in a new way.  That’s just one example.  When you read a novel, or watch a movie told from another point of view, you often sympathize with the characters and gain a new way of thinking, and looking at the world.  Your world-view becomes more diversified, and you grow as a person.


Diversity is wonderful just for those reasons.  But, most importantly, it helps people to see that even though there may be differences in culture, religion and life-experience, we are all the same. These differences should be celebrated.  We should enjoy learning new things, eating new foods, watching different movies, listening to other kinds of music, and reading different novels. No matter where you live, who you worship (or don’t worship), what you believe, in the end different peoples are all alike in the basics.  We all want love, family and understanding.  That, I believe is the reason some people claim that diversity is evil.  If we gain understanding of the “other”, there will be no reason to keep ourselves separate.  How can you “hate” the other if you understand them?  In keeping citizens divided, individuals can regain (or maintain) control.  A house divided cannot stand, nor can a nation divided.


Breaking my Schedule


I’ve been going to the library every Saturday for a while now.  It’s been great.  I get there at 10 and leave at 5 when they tell me I have to.  I’ve been thrilled with the amount of writing that has been going on during these highly productive Saturdays.


So pretty, that snow!

But then, along came the snow, sleet and rain this past Saturday, and my productivity went completely down the drain, since my precious library was closed.  I only wrote two posts, and didn’t get any other writing done.  I had to deal with my family, my dogs and everything else that doesn’t fit into the library equation.  It sucked, and so did I.  My mood plummeted from mere annoyance into downright grumpiness.  It didn’t help that my husband was watching Netflix at top volume in the living room, which is right under my bedroom where I write, either.  Even with my earbuds in, and listening to music for writing and concentration, I could still hear every word said.  Since he gets angry if someone says anything to him about the volume, I had to just suck it up and deal with it.


I hadn’t realized how essential these Saturdays were to my mental health, writing and overall well-being until I was unable to go.  I look forward to them every week.  I love to have a quiet day to myself, and I really rely on the productivity of the day.  This coming Saturday I’ll be home, baking a pie and getting ready for all the festivities of the season.  I’m looking forward to going back to my Saturdays at the library once 2017 is here!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


As huge fans of the show, my daughter and I looked forward to this revival.  I must say that we did enjoy it.  Yes, I realize that not everyone was a fan of this new revival.  However, I found it to be both interesting and simply fun to watch.  Poor Rory has been pretty much raked over the coals, however I must ask, how many people always know what they’re doing, and where they’re going?  As someone who has spent much of my life floundering, I’m sure to raise my hand and jump up and down with a resounding yes.  Personally, I never worked in the field that I got my college degree in, I never had what could be considered a “career”, and for much of my life have been more than a little lost.  By the way, I’ve met 90-year-olds with the same dilemma.


My take-away?  I enjoyed the show.  In response to the nitpickers out there, it’s a television show people.  I was just as surprised as everyone else that Rory didn’t have a fantastic career.  The fact that Lorelai was having relationship issues with Luke was to be expected.  Luke doesn’t do communication well, and other than wise-cracking, Lorelai isn’t that great at it, either.  I absolutely loved the wedding – it was spot on.

Premiere Of Netflix's "Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life" - Arrivals

There are things that I’d like resolved.  What about this letter that Emily is so angry about?  Let’s find out about that.  I hope that we’ve got more Gilmore Girls coming.  After all, there’s a new baby on the way.  And, just so you know, after my Dr. Who series watching is done, Gilmore Girls is on the re-watching list.