Motivations and Self-talk

I recently realized that I can try being motivated as much as I want, but if I talk trash to myself all the motivation in the world isn’t going to help. I just wanted to share some helpful quotes with you to start your week off right.

Remember to be good to yourself!


Feeling Like I Can’t Make a Difference

I don’t know about you, but lately I feel like nothing I do makes any kind of difference. I go about my days trying to bring love and happiness to other people, and I feel like I’m just not making any difference at all.

Other people either reject what I do, calling me a Pollyanna; or I read even more terrible news that shows how far our society has degenerated. People are shooting other people; other people are torturing people and animals to death. Then we have those who advocate hate yelling at the top of their lungs on national T.V.

The rhetoric is non-stop hate, hate, hate. Really? This is who we are?

So, my question is, how can any one of us make a difference? How long can this continue? I don’t know; so what are your thoughts?

Motivations and Doing Things for Yourself

I have a hard time doing things for just myself.  When I made the list of things that I wanted to get done while my daughter was away, I realized that my list of full of things to get done, and none of the items had anything remotely to do for myself.  I don’t know if your lists are like that, but mine are.

Much of my time is spent doing things that I know others will like, or be happy about.  So, after much thought, I’ve added a few things to my list.  These include calling for a wellness check-up with my doctor (I haven’t had one in about 12 years or so); getting a hair-cut (that hasn’t happened in over a year); and just writing in my journal.

If you’ve been putting off taking care of yourself, please find something to do, just for you.  You are most definitely worth it!

The Gilmore Girls, My Daughter and Me

My daughter and I just recently began watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix. My daughter had been reading references to this show (mostly referring to the character of Dean) for a long time on social media. We had never watched it while it was on T.V., so we decided to give it a go. Just to let you know how much we love it, we’re already on Season 4 (after starting watching in July) – not too bad for binge-watching.

One of the things that we love about this show is the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. While they are best friends, there is still a defined Mother/Daughter relationship. I love the way that Lorelai has raised Rory by giving her the leeway to make mistakes, while still being aware and ready to help.


Usually Mother/Daughter relationships portrayed on T.V. are full of angst and anger, while this one is full of love and acceptance. As a matter of fact, this relationship is one of the very few I’ve seen that somewhat mirrors my relationship with my daughter. Lorelai wants what Rory wants; not what she wants for Rory. This is the way that I’ve tried to raise my children. I’ll never forget that directly after my son was born; my sister asked me what I wanted him to be when he grew up. I was never so shocked in my life. At first I was so thrown that I was speechless, and then answered that I wanted him to be whatever he wanted to be. What I really wanted for him was to be happy. This is the way I still feel. I want both my children to be happy.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to the airport to send her on her way to Lithuania, where she will be visiting her best friend who lives there. All summer, I’ve been given various nuggets of advice by people who knew she would be traveling by herself. The statements that took me aback the most were the ones when people acted like I shouldn’t trust her; and the people who outright told me it wouldn’t be “safe” for her to go. In answer to these doubters: firstly, I’ve trusted my daughter for many years now and she’s never let me down; and secondly, nothing is ever completely safe.

So, when I saw her off at the airport, I had to simply take myself out of the equation (after all, I am going to miss her dreadfully) and do what was right for her. It’s not about me. This is her adventure to have. When she comes back I hope we’ll have time to finish watching Gilmore Girls!

Motivations for Change

My daughter is going to Europe on Sunday afternoon.  She’s never flown on a plane, and never been away from home for any length of time before.  While I have worries about her, I also have worries about me.  What will I do while she’s gone?  Who will I have philosophical conversations with?  What will I do with myself?

She’s a grown, adult woman who has been going to college on-line for the past few years, it’s not like she’s a little girl…still, the whole thing is a first for the both of us.  I know that she’ll have a great time, and come back glad that she went.  But I still have the question in my head, What will I do?

I’ve been spending this week writing down all the things that I could/should do while she’s gone.  The top of my list?  Yanking everything out of my closet so that I can go through it and hopefully throw a lot of it away.  I know that I’ve got to keep myself busy; but I still have so much that I want to get done that I haven’t done this summer.  I’m looking at this time as a chance to stop procrastinating and actually finish a lot of things on my list.

So, really, it’s a choice.  I can sit around feeling miserable and missing her, or I can actually get some things accomplished.  I choose accomplishments!

The “Joys” of Shoe Shopping

I finally had to break down and buy a new pair of sneakers yesterday.  I wore my old sneakers until they were unwearable.  Which, believe me, they are.  I took them off yesterday afternoon, and after I put them on again, I was limping around for the rest of the night.  They had no more structure; they have holes in the top of them, and I’ve worn holes through the bottoms.  But, I was still wearing them!  I have to admit that walking in the rain really sucked.  Yes, I do hate shoe shopping that much!  I’ve never liked shopping, period, but shoe shopping for me is a new level of hell.

I’ve had this issue all my life, as I’m one of those “lucky” people who have two different-sized feet – one is a 7 and the other is 7-and-a-half.  Since I don’t have a bunch of money, I’ve got to find a pair that will fit my large foot, while at the same time not fall off my small foot.  Not an easy prospect.  On a side note, I also have wide feet (read, flat feet), and as if that isn’t enough, I really need to have surgery on one of my feet, but I’m refusing to even think about it, since I’ll have to pay a large portion of the price out-of-pocket. So, I’m apparently waiting until walking is simply too painful to accomplish.  Right now I like my world-view where I can say, “Oh yeah, my foot hurts – give it time and it’ll go away!”  As we all know, if you ignore something, it will go away, right?

So, I’m pleased to report that I did indeed find a reasonably-priced pair of sneakers that I can wear without walking out of one of them.  Yay me!  So, I should be all set for shoes until around the same time next year (maybe in two years?)