What is a Pre-existing Condition?


There has been a lot of talk about pre-existing conditions, what they are and if people who have them can be denied health insurance, or be made to pay more for health insurance.  A pre-existing condition is anything medical that happened before a person’s health care policy went into effect.   In the bad old days, before the ACA, health insurance companies could refuse to sell policies to people who were sick, or who had been sick.  There were companies who did sell policies to these people, however the cost was much too high for the average person to pay.  With the ACA, these people were able to buy policies for about the same price that the average “healthy” person could.  With the advent of TrumpCare, these pre-existing conditions don’t need to be covered by insurance companies.  Here is a list of some of these conditions that no longer will be covered.



As you can see, a lot of people have these conditions.  For example, I was born of with a heart murmur and I have had asthma in the past.  Heart murmurs, as I understand it, can be a crap-shoot.  It’s a 50/50 chance of needing a medical intervention.  I never even knew I had one until I was pregnant, then I was told that I’d had it all my life – go figure.


What do you think about these pre-existing conditions?  Are you in danger of losing your health care?  If you do lose it what will you do about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

I Have Faith


I have faith that light destroys the darkness.

I have faith that good overcomes evil.

I have faith that people want to be kind more than they want to be unkind.

I have faith that nothing lasts forever.

I have faith that we are all one.

I have faith that we are stronger united than we are divided.

I have faith we can all be our best selves.

I have faith that most of us love each other.

I have faith that love conquers hate.


Martin Luther King, Jr. – A Hero for All


Today is the day that we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I’m ancient enough to remember Dr. King from the news, and the one thing about him that I’ll never forget is his “I’ve got a dream” speech.  At some point around the same time, I watched the movie Don Quixote de la Mancha”, with Peter O’Toole in the main role. The song “The Impossible Dream” also lives in my head, and I often think about it.  The two are inextricably linked in my mind, and whenever I think of Dr. King, I also picture Don Quixote tilting at his windmills.  Is not the search for equality, justice, compassion and understanding also tilting at windmills in our society?


So, it’s been forty-eight long years since this great man was assassinated.  I remember when it happened, and I can recall thinking, as only a very young child can, what was wrong with the person who killed him, and what was wrong with the people who celebrated it.  To me, he was a hero.  A person who wanted only equality, justice, compassion and understanding.  I still wonder how some people can be against that.  What is wrong with equality, justice, compassion and understanding.  Does equality take away?  Of course not, it makes life better for all.  What is done to one, can be done to all.  I’ll take equality, justice, compassion and understanding over anything else that is out there.  Wouldn’t you?


Is Compassion a Crime? Animal Welfare Part 13 – Social Issues Series



Is compassion a crime?  Or, a better question, how can compassion be a crime?  Should someone who has tried to alleviate the suffering of another be arrested for that act?  How about if an animal is suffering and someone comes along and tries to alleviate that suffering?  Or someone just films that suffering?  Is that a crime?

I started thinking about this question, first when the Ag-Gag Laws were passed, then when individuals were arrested for breaking the windows of parked and locked cars that had pets who were in obvious distress in them; and then again when Anita Krajnc was arrested for giving water to pigs who were on their way to the slaughter house.  Instead of writing about this issue, I’ll be providing links for you to see for yourselves.  I have only included a few photos from investigations as the images can be very graphic, and the reality is difficult to see.  If it’s too difficult to look at, maybe it should not be happening?


So, do you think that compassion should be a crime?  Let me know in the comments below.









We’re all the Same

What happened in Paris was horrible and my heart bleeds for all those who were impacted.  But I feel that I must ask the question, “Why do we allow ourselves to be brain-washed that we are all different?”  Why do so many religions, and political groups dwell on the differences between us, and not on the massive amounts of how we are the same?  The amazing thing is that we’re all much more alike than we are different.  We all need love, understanding and compassion.  We do not need to be considered as “different” or “separate” from each other.  To separate means to have power over us, as a nation divided will fall, so too will a world.

The devils are of our own making.  Every difference we claim to see is really a devil in disguise.  When you only see others through the lens of different, you are making a devil of another.  And, they do the same to you.  Love is love; and it is the strongest force in the world.  Nurture it within yourself and sprinkle it on others.  It will grow.

What would we all be like if we could surprise ourselves with compassion and understanding?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out?

I’m going to try in just my everyday life to show others compassion and love.  Will it help?  I hope so, but I do know that it will help me, and in the end, we can only start with ourselves and those around us.

Empathy 2.0

It seems like we need empathy more and more, and are finding it less and less.   At a time when people in poverty are considered “less than” there is something going wrong here. People are being blamed for things that are out of their control, but instead of receiving help, they are told they are “lazy”, or that somehow they caused all their own problems.  When a business closes, it is not the fault of the workers.  When the financial sector of the country crashes, it’s not the fault of the people in other sectors of business.

Our country needs to understand that we are a community, and not one of us stands alone. We need to help each other, when one falls, we all fall.  It seems that we’ve taken “individualism” to a whole new level; and one that precludes helping others.  Since when did we become so cruel?  And, unfortunately when you take away social programs, it’s children who go to bed hungry.  Is this the country that we want to be?

Instead of focusing on what we assume others have done, we need to listen to them and hear what they have to say.  Compassion and empathy are at the heart of community and understanding.  Be the person who listens and hears.  The quote, “There but for the grace of god go I” is truer then we know.

What is Wrong with Us?

I have a question that I’ve wanted to ask for a while now. How can anyone view the videos of the brutality certain members of society force against other members of society and not think that there is something wrong? Then let’s think about the brutal behavior of pet owners who starve and/or beat their pets to death. How about the millions and millions of “farmed” animals that live tortuous lives before being killed so that people can have beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs and milk? While I’m not saying that animal life is more important than human life, many studies have shown the link between the two.  http://nationallinkcoalition.org/faqs/what-is-the-link

Every day there are more examples of atrocities happening all over the U.S.  From people killing or starving their pets to mindless killings and beatings of other humans.  I find that I get to the breaking point and I can’t even look at the news or read the stories.  And then I feel like I’ve let those injured and murdered beings down, since by my hiding, I’ve negated the lives and deaths they have suffered.  After having suffered extreme violence myself, I find that all I want to do is hide in the wilderness somewhere all by myself.  But burying my head in the sand never helped solve any problem I’ve ever had.  My question to you is:  How did we become so cruel? Any ideas?