Why Having Goals Are Important

Every two weeks I “meet” with a goal group. We meet online since we’re from different places. We may not be from the same locale; but we all have the same objective. We want to move forward in our lives and make goals and strategies to get there. We hold each other accountable, and provide support to help each other.

Many people want to change their lives. They may want to get healthy, change their job, and go back to school or whatever. But they want to live the life they want. And in order to do so they’ve decided to make goals and strategies to get there.

Every morning I make a list. This helps me know what I need to do for the day, but most importantly I can get a sense of accomplishment from crossing off each thing as I do it. Goals are like that. I’ve been taking a big goal – get healthy, and have broken it into smaller goals. The ones I’ve been working on lately are: becoming Vegan and learning new recipes; working out consistently to get stronger and healthier; and changing my attitude to a “can do” one. I have found that as I cross more things off my lists, my attitude has changed to a more positive one. But in order to do any of these things, I have to break them down into smaller goals. Otherwise they seem too big and easier to fail at.

Big goals can be really overwhelming and they seem to force us to fail. We are overcome by the sheer size of them, and just stop trying to accomplish them. So, I took the big goal of becoming healthy and broke it down into changing my diet; and working out. My diet goal is become Vegan (which I am); so now I’ve been trying two new recipes out a week. This is great, since it’s simple to do. I just use the internet to find new recipes that look good (most of them are). Easy peasy. The second part of this goal was to work out consistently. This I have done. I figured out that if I got up (early) and just worked out, I would do it. So, by 7 in the morning, I’ve gotten that out of the way. I moved my alarm clock so that I have to get up to shut the stupid thing off. Since I’m up I stay up and get dressed. I hate getting up, but love the feeling that I’ve accomplished a work out so early in the morning and can now go about my day.

Each day is a challenge, but by having a goals group, we help each other to stay on track. And, having to be accountable to someone besides myself, I feel that I don’t want to let them down, since they’re also struggling to accomplish their own goals.  How do you set and accomplish your goals? Let me know.


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