I’ve Been Sick!


I’ve been sick for about 6 days now.  I was off the computer/social media for four days.  Apparently I receive way too much mail, as I’ve got almost 700 letters in there to be read.  Yeah, sure…I’ll probably spend hours deleting when I really ought to do “delete all”.  However, there is always the chance that there is something important that I don’t want to miss.  So many petitions to sign, so little time.


So, have I been doing anything worthwhile while I was sick?  No, just reading (there is no such thing as just reading) re-watching the X Files, and trying to get more sleep.  That’s all.  On Sunday I had a little more energy and did some laundry, changed the sheets and started to go through all those emails.  I sincerely hope that you had a much better weekend then I did.



What I Have to be Happy About This Week


I can’t say that this week was so fantastic, however, it was a pretty good week.  I’ve got some pictures of flowers to share from our visit to the Florence Griswold Museum.  I also finally used my “new” steamer, so I’ll share that simple, easy “recipe”, if you can even call it that.  And, best of all, I’ve gotten a new computer that so far I haven’t broken – yay me!


Steamed Vegetables:

I just cut up some squash, zucchini, onions, peppers, broccoli and mushrooms and placed them into the steamer (we have a small one, so I did this a few times), which was already in a pot with an inch or so of boiling water, and steamed the veggies for about two and a half minutes.  Then, I served them on quinoa and brown rice along with some garlic sauce that we had left over from our Chinese meal from the last time we ordered.  You can use any veggies that you want.  It was delicious, if I do say so myself!


The new Destiny add-on dropped this week, and yes, I did play it on Wednesday (the first day it was available).  Fun, fun!  I’m “such” a gamer.

I’m back to working on getting my coaching certificate now that I’ve got a computer.  My goal had been September 30, but now I’m changing it to October 15, since I lost a full week of studying.  Ah, computers – they’re great when they work!

Hope you found something to be happy about this week!  Enjoy your weekend and be happy!

Where to Invade Next – Michael Moore Documentary


I was a little reluctant to watch this documentary, as I entertained the confused belief that it was yet another documentary on our endless wars.  However, I did finally watch it the other night, and was pleasantly surprised that my previous ideas were indeed wrong.  The “invasions” that Mr. Moore was undertaking were in the name of finding good ideas, with the intent to hopefully bring them back to the U.S. and implement them here.


So, where did the esteemed Mr. Moore invade?  Italy, France, Portugal, Finland, Slovenia, Norway, Germany, Tunisia and Iceland are the countries that had so many aspects of social welfare to offer the U.S.  So quick examples include:  state paid family leave; state paid health (in Germany you can have your doctor write you a prescription for a three week stay at a spa, completely paid by the state).

Other ideas include eight weeks paid vacation, (Italy) workers can live on their salaries and go for a vacation.  When drugs are legal there is suddenly money available to fund social welfare concerns (Portugal).  In France lunch is a class with four course meals, manners are taught and nutritious food is consumed.  They also teach sex education that includes respecting your partner.  Slovenia has free education for all, including foreigners.


Germany workers enjoy a reduced work week, but are still paid for forty hours.  They also spend time teaching about the Holocaust with the idea that if they talk about it such a thing won’t happen again.  In Norway prisoners are treated with respect and rehabilitated in the actual meaning of that word.

Tunisian woman are afforded extremely good health care, including family planning and abortions.  In Finland they have overhauled their education system in a manner that to me looked a lot like the Montessori Method.  They have also cut the school day down to 3 or 4 hours a day, including a lot of music and art, and have no homework.  They are also rated number one in education in the world.


And last, but not least, Iceland has given women incredible opportunities.  Any board of directors must, by law, have a 40/60 percent mix of men and women on it.  As an explanation, when the infamous crash of 2008 occurred, there were four banks in Iceland.  Three of them failed.  Men were in charge of the failed banks, and 80 of those bankers went to jail.  The bank that did not fail, or lose any money, was run by women.  These laws are the result of that.

So, if these countries can have the social welfare programs that work so wonderfully for their citizens, the question that remains is, why can’t we?  As a side note, they do have taxes that are indeed higher than ours, but once we pay for all the items that are state-paid there, we actually do pay a lot more.  Do yourself a favor, give this documentary a watch and let me know what you think.



Do Your Actions Inspire?


I came across the quote above a few days ago, and it set me back on my heels.  In my head, I try to be a “good” and loving person, but do my actions reflect that?  Like most people, I do have an “idea” of who I am.  However, I’ve been wondering if my actions reflect my intentions.


I do struggle with this idea a lot.  There isn’t a whole lot of money left over at the end of the month, so I don’t give much money to charities.  There are so many charities out there that are doing great things, but I don’t contribute to them.  I spend a lot of time signing petitions and leaving personal comments.  I try to let others know what’s going on in the world if I’m asked.  However, am I always a loving and understanding person?


The truth is, probably not.  I get upset, confused and overwhelmed.  I don’t hurt others deliberately, but I can be a sarcastic person at times.  When I’m being personally attacked (and it happens more often than not, due to one of my family members), I try to block out what that person is saying, and not respond.  My real problem is that I let what they say, even if there is absolutely no merit to the attack (as has been pointed out by various other people) undermine me.  This, of course, was the point of the diatribe, which says more about the other person than it does about me.  I do have a wicked tongue in my mouth, but I can’t recall a single time I let it loose.  Of course, the discourse in my head can be vicious, but like I said, it’s just in my head and not coming out of my mouth.


Do you struggle with your intentions versus your actions?






It’s been extremely hot here lately.  We actually had a temperature of 111° over the weekend.  I don’t have air conditioning and have no plans to buy any in the near future.  I’ve got lots of fans, so life is usually bearable.  But, with the extreme heat and humidity I’ve been having a hard time with motivation.  So, here are some quotes I wanted to share with you.


 One of my goals for August was to do some form of exercise every day.  So far, I’ve been successful.  Because of the heat, I’ve gotten up early and worked out, since I was never sure if the heat and humidity would be too much for a walk later in the day.  Even though there have been days that I’ve wanted to sleep in, I’ve managed to keep getting up by telling myself the number of days that I’ve done it.  So far, it’s working.


What do you do to help yourself stay on track during a heat wave?

This Weekend – Me!


I hope that you all have wonderful plans for the weekend.  My plans include…me!  It looks like we’re going to be in for some seriously hot and humid weather, along with rain and thunderstorms, so I thought that would be the perfect opportunity to do some “me” work.  I haven’t had a chance to write in my journal for a while now, so hopefully while everyone else is busy doing whatever it is that they want to do, I’ll be able to write a little.


Then, I want to find a book on CD to listen to and do some embroidery for my quilt tops.  It sounds silly, but I find sitting down and listening to a book while embroidering to be extremely relaxing.  And, of course I’ll be reading a little myself.


I know that my plans aren’t exciting or anything like that, but after the past few weeks I really need to just sit down and spend some quiet time with myself.  Enjoy your weekend!