The Legend of Me

I think that it’s time that I tell you the legend of me.  According to my son, I’ve been alive for millions of years. I’m an extra-terrestrial witch who arrived here on my broomstick after falling out of the sky and crash-landing on earth. This landing was caused by my extreme nosiness; I just had to take a closer look at what was going on. The Popigai impact crater in Siberia was created when I crash-landed on earth approximately 33.7 million years ago. I lost my witchy powers when I landed, not to mention that my broom blew up and now I have no means of leaving earth. I have spent the many millions of years living, “dying” and being reborn in human form.

This is an interesting theory, and he claims that not only am I an extra-terrestrial witch, but he’s afraid of me, since I’m so “scary”. I’m the only one in the family that when I tell my dogs to sit, they stand there panting and just looking at me. That just goes to show how extremely scary I really am. This is his latest theory on just who and what I “really” am, since he doesn’t believe that I fall into the realm of “normal-ness”; whatever that is.

But, this theory of his made me think. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have lots more time than we do? I would probably spend hundreds of years attending various universities learning all the things I’d really like to know. Then I’d spend time traveling the world and getting to see all the places I’d like to go. Of course, I’d want to find out how to solve and stop the wars, world hunger, global warming, etc. I could go on and on with all the things that I would love to do, but probably won’t ever be able to do due to a lack of time (and money). What would you do if you had all the time in the world?

Meanwhile, I’ll just be busy trying to replicate my broom. I have a feeling it might come in handy sooner rather than later.


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Me

  1. Sometimes when I’m whinging on about this or that, I think “what would I change if I had x or y?” It’s likely a good sign that I wouldn’t change much. Maybe pay someone else to do the dishes. Between spending time with my family, reading and writing, gardening, it feels like a good place to be.

    And my child just describes me as “weird”. Apparently she lacks imagination!

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