Motivation – How to make it Work

I write a lot about motivation. And that’s great. It’s wonderful to read about motivation, and to watch YouTube video’s by people who are really great motivators. However, no matter how much you read, or how many videos you watch, at the end of the day you are left with only yourself.

You have to motivate you. No one else is going to pull you out of bed and kick your butt downstairs (or where ever) to work out. It’s up to you. No one else is responsible for your actions (or inaction). There are days that I don’t get up and work out. I’m not Super Women. I have my lousy days, just like everyone else. But, the difference this time is that I feel I’m responsible to those of you who read my blog. How can I have a blog about transforming your life, if I’m not trying to do it? So, if I’ve slept late one day, the next day I make sure I get my butt out of bed and downstairs to the cellar and do whatever it is that I’ve decided I’ll do that day.

One thing that’s helped is that I’ve lost my old VHS tapes that I’ve used in the past. I’ve had to go on YouTube to find new workouts. And that’s been interesting. Some I’ve tried are pretty good, and others are just silly. The worst loss was my old Denise Austin Yoga tape that I’ve used for years. I tried to rewind it one morning, and I heard the dreaded “crunch” of the tape just breaking. I knew it was coming, but tried not to think about how horrible that day would be. I really liked that workout. Thanks to YouTube, I can still watch it and follow along as best as I can. (I’ll never be a yogi; I’ve got to be the clumsiest person out there). But in the privacy of my basement, I can pretend I’m doing the best poses possible. I can do Tae Bo with good old Billy Blanks and kick with the best of them! In my basement, anything can happen. I can kill boot camp, and still be standing at the end of it. Okay, panting and sweating, but hey! I’m still standing! But the point of this is that you’ve got to motivate yourself. So, get out there and do it!


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