Thinking Good Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about life and living the best life I can.  I’ve come to the sad conclusion that many people don’t do that – myself included.  My main problem is that I think what can only be termed terrible things about myself.  I’ve been doing it for many many years now, and even though I’m aware of it, I find it difficult to stop doing so.  I have the awareness of doing it, and I turn my thoughts around as much as I can, but the sad thing about my thoughts is that the worst thing I can think about myself is usually the first thing I think.

I’ve been reading affirmations for a while now, and I’ve found that they help.  At least I have an awareness of the direction that my thoughts are going, and the knowledge that I need to change them.  I can only hope that as I continue to force this change, the change will become my thoughts on their own.  Habits are hard to break.  Bad habits seem to be the worst to stop; but at least I’m working on it.  At least we get an new chance every day.


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