My daughter is taking a Humanities class for her college degree and she was talking to me about the origin of creativity. So, being curious, I looked up the origins of human creativity. It seems that the first evidence of creativity is actually body art. This was found in Africa with zigzag, criss-cross patterns and beads to make the body art 3D. Of course this art progressed to the cave art and other art that we can now see all over the world. t

What I found interesting was that art has basically always been with us. It pre-dated the written word; appearing at the same time that our ancestors began using tools. Art has been used in defining exactly who is a human and who is not. It is one of the criteria used by scientists to determine who our ancestors are.

During our later evolutions, such as the Inquisitions which lasted some 400 years, people continued to create art that could, and did, lead to their deaths. This need to create is obviously powerful if one is determined to die for it. Over the centuries people have gone to great lengths to create art.

In modern times, here we are, on the Internet continuing to create art. Some of us write, others share their photos and still others paint and/or create mixed media art. You Tube is full of people writing and singing their own music. In fact, the Internet has given everyone who has access to a computer the chance to share their art with the entire world. How cool is that?


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