Updating Monsanto


I first wrote about the trial of Monsanto at The Hague.  Just a quick update with how that turned out.  The company was found guilty on all charges, and the ban on any and all Monsanto products being sold in the European Union still stands.

However, I also wanted to write about newly released documents that show how Monsanto has been paying off government regulators and scientists in an effort to keep them from publishing scientific studies that show the harm that Monsanto products (in this case, Roundup) do, along with using their influence to stop scientific studies that show Roundup to be a health hazard.  There are lawsuits around the country that claim that Roundup is a carcinogen.  These documents have been made available to the public, since this is a public health concern.


I hope that you go to the links provided below and read the articles.  This is an important discussion to have, since there is an effort in the U.S. to allow corporations to self-regulate.  I feel that this shows that no corporation should be allowed to self-regulate, but that the entire process needs to be made completely public, with all scientific data peer-reviewed and released to the general public.


Have you used Roundup?  What are your thoughts on this?








Monsanto at The Hague


 First things first, for those of you who may not know, The Hague is the International Court, located in the Netherlands.  http://www.thehaguepeacejustice.com/peace-and-justice.htm


This international court that has presided over many international cases.  In the case of Monsanto, the court will be looking at the potential liability for Monsanto to be charged with damages to human and environmental health.  There are 26 countries that have banned GMO’s (including the products produced by Monsanto).  https://www.thenation.com/article/twenty-six-countries-ban-gmos-why-wont-us/    The ingredients that Monsanto uses in its pesticides (both that are sprayed, and the ones that are inserted into the seeds) have been found to be carcinogenic to both humans, animals and insects.http://www.naturalnews.com/053997_Monsanto_GMO_scientists_fraudulent_science.html


One of the reasons for this new trial against Monsanto is the company’s aggressive behavior toward the EFSA (Europe Food Safety Agency).  Monsanto sued this agency after they banned the product.  http://www.ictsd.org/bridges-news/bridges/news/monsanto-sues-germany-over-gm-maize-ban

There will be many well-known and respected scientists who will be both disputing Monsanto’s scientific evidence; along with presenting their own evidence against Monsanto products.  To find out more about this important case, please follow the links I’ve provided.  Let me know what you think about this issue?  Do you believe that your food is safe?