Why is Science Important?


This past weekend there was a march in Washington, D.C., along with other marches around the world in support of science.  We actually needed a march to support science.  I still can’t wrap my head around that fact.  The marches were in support of evidence, fact-based and peer-reviewed science.  This is needed since the administration in Washington is against both science and peer-viewed research.  Research needs to be peer-reviewed, since anyone could claim to be a scientist, publish a “study” and claim anything.  We already can see that happening, so it needs to be stopped.  Science is actually one subject that can be proved correct.  Just because someone doesn’t like what is scientifically proven doesn’t mean that they have the ability to claim it is false.


For those people who think that we don’t need science, do you like using your technology?  Phones, laptops, t.v., all are science-based.  Should funding be cut, so will your technology.  How about “cutting-edge” health care?  All those new life-saving surgeries are based on science.  Do you like your new medicines?  Those too come from science. If funds are cut so will your health, since there will be less money spent on keeping you healthy.  Science is life-saving.  It affects all of us in every part of our lives.  Support science, your life may very well depend on it.



Earth Day

What are you planning to do today? I hope that you already are doing certain things everyday to help our planet survive. Here are a few things that I do. I try to never use plastic bags. I have a rather large collection of cloth bags that I take with me to the grocery store every week. I have so many that I seldom use them all, but I take all of them with me just in case I run out. Unfortunately I don’t always remember to bring them with me when I’m just running out to the pharmacy, etc. so I can usually just put whatever I’ve purchased into my purse, but I’ve walked out of stores carrying the items in my hands. If you end up doing that, make sure that you’ve got your receipt right with you.


Other things include recycling everything I possibly can. I also wash my recycling, but that’s just me – I know, crazy right? At least it doesn’t smell. I also never ever buy bottled water. We have our own well, and our water is just wonderful; but if I want to bring some with me, I have several of those special PBA-free bottles that I can use over and over again. I just have to make sure I’m fairly organized and remember to bring them.


Another one of my favorite tricks is to never go out with just one location on my to-do list. I usually try to plan my errands so I can do them all at once. I hate just going to one store at a time. Not only does this save gas, it also saves time. Something I never seem to have enough of.

You would not believe the amount of composting that I do.  In the course of just one day I can have several banana peels, at least one grapefruit peel, carrot peels, onion layers, pepper tops and seeds, squash peels, potato eyes, turnip peels, – I could go on and on.  Over the winter I saved all this stuff in my fridge and hauled it all out once every two or three days into the woods.  Every time I go out there to add to my compost pile, some animal has eaten almost all of it overnight.  That of course was the plan all along.  Especially over this past winter when we had about two and a half feet of snow on the ground.  Talking of food, I hope that you’re using up your leftovers.  That’s another way to save on food-costs and stretch your dollar.  It’s also something that a lot of people just don’t do.  Casseroles are wonderful things and great ways to use up those little bits of leftovers.

There are other things I do.  Household products don’t have to be toxic, so try to think about that when you buy new ones.  Just remember to double-check the ingredients on-line before you buy them, since some that claim to be environmentally friendly really aren’t, so be careful.

So, that’s me, what do you do to protect the Earth?