Using Lists


I know that some people say that making lists just isn’t too effective.  However, I have to say that if it weren’t for my lists I’d feel like I was getting basically nothing done.  I started making lists after I gave birth to my son and became a stay-at-home mother.  I was encased within the fog of no sleep and endless new-baby tasks.  My husband would come home and ask what I’d done all day and I struggled to remember doing anything beyond baby-related tasks.  So, I started making lists of tasks to be accomplished each and every day.

To this day, my list consists of such things as washing dishes, running the dishwasher, laundry, vacuuming, picking up, etc.  All those little things that you do during the day, but don’t really consider them “work”.  But, my lists also have the bigger things on them like: writing a blog post, chapters for a book, and illustrating the book, along with the dreaded paying of bills, grocery shopping and meal making.

There have been times that I’ve neglected to make lists, however I’ve found that one thing is completely clear.  In order to function, I need a list.  It’s not so much the remembering to actually do what’s on the list, it’s the crossing out of the things that I’ve accomplished.  I get great satisfaction in crossing out the tasks that I’ve finished.  Now when my husband comes home and asks what I’ve done, I can reference the crossed-out list.  Of course, my list often consists of all the things that I’ve done for him so that he doesn’t have to do them – making doctor appointments, calling insurance agents, etc.  All those things where you can be put on hold for thirty minutes or so at a time, which is why I call and he doesn’t.


Probably one of the reasons I like to make lists is that they keep me accountable to my goals.  Let me know if you’re a list-maker, and if it helps you accomplish what you want to achieve.

What I Have to be Happy About This Week


I can’t say that this week was so fantastic, however, it was a pretty good week.  I’ve got some pictures of flowers to share from our visit to the Florence Griswold Museum.  I also finally used my “new” steamer, so I’ll share that simple, easy “recipe”, if you can even call it that.  And, best of all, I’ve gotten a new computer that so far I haven’t broken – yay me!


Steamed Vegetables:

I just cut up some squash, zucchini, onions, peppers, broccoli and mushrooms and placed them into the steamer (we have a small one, so I did this a few times), which was already in a pot with an inch or so of boiling water, and steamed the veggies for about two and a half minutes.  Then, I served them on quinoa and brown rice along with some garlic sauce that we had left over from our Chinese meal from the last time we ordered.  You can use any veggies that you want.  It was delicious, if I do say so myself!


The new Destiny add-on dropped this week, and yes, I did play it on Wednesday (the first day it was available).  Fun, fun!  I’m “such” a gamer.

I’m back to working on getting my coaching certificate now that I’ve got a computer.  My goal had been September 30, but now I’m changing it to October 15, since I lost a full week of studying.  Ah, computers – they’re great when they work!

Hope you found something to be happy about this week!  Enjoy your weekend and be happy!

Finding Out What You Want


I am trying to find out what I want.  That sounds like a silly thing to say, but all my life I’ve been working toward making other people happy.  When I was in high school, I wanted to be an Egyptologist.  It seemed like an extremely interesting and exciting thing to me, I was an avid reader of all things Egypt – from fiction to archeologist’s findings to the history of the various dynasties.  I had been immersing myself in the history of Egypt for years.  However, I was told that I could only go to a state school; my school counselor had been called by my mother and told not to tell me about any scholarships I could get; so I didn’t even know that I could have gotten any.  My choices had been taken away from me, and I was too naïve to know that I could have gotten information anywhere else.  This was a long time before the internet.  Unfortunately, I went along, taking a B.S. degree in something that I had no interest in; but to make myself happy I also got a B.A. degree in English (in the usual four years).  I never did work in my “chosen” field, instead getting my Paralegal Certificate.


Once I was married, I tried to make my husband happy, then my two children.  I’m still trying to make everyone around me happy, since they all still live here.  In fact, a good part of my day goes into doing all the “little” things that make other people happy.  Running errands, waiting at the DMV, going to stores to “pick something up” for someone else.  I’m tired of it.  Seriously tired.  I’m tired of wearing clothes that are years and years old, not buying anything new (or nice); not cutting my hair; not going to the doctor – since I’m not bringing in much money, I feel like I don’t deserve any of these things.


Self-esteem; self-confidence; self-love.  These are all things that I’m sure lots of people struggle with.  I’m working on it, but it feels like slogging up a hill in knee-high mud.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Let me know if you do, and what you do to push forward.  Thanks.

Monday Morning Ruminations

Well, once again the weekend went by much too fast.  You would think that I had all kinds of things going on, but really it was not a busy one.  The heat and humidity once again threw me to the ground and left me panting for air.  However, I did actually get some paperwork shredded and recycling dealt with.  I’m really trying to clean out my old bills and things like that.  Just the nasty part of getting my house more organized.

So here I am, on Monday morning, looking at a week where I’ve tried to set goals and hopefully I’ll achieve them.  Here are some motivations for you and me both!

I’ll leave you with this one to help with motivating your week!

How My Transformation is Going

It’s been awhile since I shared how my transformation is going. My physical changes are coming along very slowly; and there have been times that I’ve wanted to throw the towel in and just bow to defeat. But, the fact that growing muscle is the only way to burn fat has kept me going. I am growing muscle; muscle that I can see in my forearms and lower legs. It’s my upper arms and legs that are taking longer than I would like.

My mental transformation is going along just as slowly. Practicing yoga has been wonderful, and I must say that it alone is responsible for any strides toward change that I have made. Changing the way I self-talk has been horribly hard. I’ve only spoken badly of myself to myself for many many years. I have been hyper-critical of everything I’ve ever done for such a long time that changing those habits has been a slow process. However, I now am aware when I criticize myself, and I try to immediately stop that behavior. So, my awareness of what it is that I’ve been doing to myself has helped me to make some changes. I’m not saying that I don’t backslide, because I do, but I’m working hard on changing.

My transitioning from vegetarian to vegan has been the easiest thing that I’ve done.  The only time I had any trouble was with all the chocolates on Easter.  When I did eat some, I paid for it in spades.  I’ve learned my lesson, and next year will make sure I’ve got a few of the vegan chocolates around, although I doubt I’ll be tempted again.

So, there you go. I’m in the process of change. There are goals that I have accomplished, but there are many more to go. And, being a human, once I accomplish them I’ll find more to achieve. In a few months I’ll let you know if I’ve gotten even further along this journey I’m on. It’s so slow, but I’m still putting one foot in front of the other.

Motivations for the Week

I decided that I really need to make sure I accomplish the goals I’ve set for this week. The girls that I babysit for are going to basketball camp so I won’t be taking care of them.  That means I’ve got the whole week to work on my goals. So, I thought that I’d share some of the motivational quotes I plan on using to help me continue to fulfill my many goals.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some people in my life who relish telling me that I will never be able to accomplish some of my goals.  This has basically happened my entire life, and I’ve listened to them for far too long.  Recently I’ve decided to ignore them, and don’t let them in on any of my goals.  I’m keeping my mouth shut (and I’ve locked and thrown away the key).  I’m just going to continue with my steps until my goals are finished.  It’s going to be a long process, but I am just too tired of being told that I’ll never accomplish anything.

So, I just thought that I’d start out the week with these quotes, and keep on going!