June Goals

June 2018 Goals

Here we are, into a new month already.  It kind of snuck up on me.  Apparently, I thought that the month of May was going to last forever.  Part of my confusion was due to the crazy weather that May brought – one day it just might be hot, but the next had us all wearing winter clothes again and having a fire to stay warm.  The month of May was not productive at all, and with the advent of a new month, I’m hoping to turn that all around.  Here are my goals, humble though they be:

  1. Finish Spring Cleaning – I’ve got the nastiest bits left, and just want it to be over!
  2. Work on my coaching – read some of the books that I’ve bought and get that certificate.
  3. Write more fiction. Work on my novel.
  4. More organizing – files to be gone through and filing to be done.
  5. Continue working out and add Tae Bo to the mix.
  6. Try to have some fun!

Have you made goals for the month?  Share if you’d like some encouragement.  May we all accomplish what we set out to do!



March Goals


March is kind of a weird month.  We have snow, mud, cold weather and sometimes warmer temperatures to contend with.  It’s the month where we’re all done with winter, but it’s not all done with us.  So, as I’m more than a little tired of making kindling and hauling wood, one of my goals this month will be to start my Spring Cleaning.  I know, the dreaded Spring Cleaning!  But we all know that it rears its ugly head right around this time.  My plan is to start upstairs with my bedroom and go on from there.  Since I still (always) have more stuff to get rid of, I will be doing that, too.


My other goals are to continue working out, work on my Certificate and website, and also get my novel printed out so I can have it read.  I just dropped out of my writer’s group because there was that one person who insisted the group was supposed to be all about her.  She monopolized every meeting, and I finally couldn’t deal with it.  My goal is to continue writing at least one fiction story (600 words or less) each month.  That’s a hard goal, since it requires you to be concise.  There’s just no room to fool around.  Tell the story and then you’re done!  I really like that, since I have a hard time with being concise.

So, those are my March goals.  What are yours? Let me know in the comments below, and we can encourage each other.

The Truth About Housework


Do you enjoy housework?  Does dealing with the laundry, dusting, vacuuming and washing dishes just thrill you?  You get it all done, and within a very short period of time you’ve got dirty dishes, dirty laundry and someone (that infamous someone), has tracked dirty shoes all over the floors.  Yep, if that’s not a thrill I don’t know what is!


I’ve read more than my fair share of organizational articles and books, “how to clean” articles, and other things.  However, there is really nothing for it…the only way to clean is to clean.  The laundry won’t get done by itself, those dishes will just sit in that sink, and the bathrooms refuse to magically become sparkling!  I’ve wiggled my nose at the mess, I’ve waved my wand, but I’ve found that the only thing that works is elbow grease.


Do you have a day when everyone helps to clean the house?  When I was a child, we all cleaned on Saturday mornings, and it was all finished by lunch-time.  Spring cleaning took a weekend, and we all had our designated chores.  Is that what happens in your house?  If you’ve got any tips for the rest of us, let me know in the comments.  I’ll be the one wiggling my nose at the cat litter, wishing I was  Samantha.




I recently watched a documentary on clutter.  First of all, I must admit that I was pleased that I don’t have the level of clutter in the houses that were shown.  These were typical American homes; however, these weren’t hoarders, just the usual clutter that we’ve probably all seen.  You know, where you can’t walk anywhere except in the ally-ways that have been made.  None of these houses looked like that.  So, they weren’t talking about the extreme clutter.  Just the mostly normal amount of clutter that most families live with on a daily basis.


However, while I was watching the documentary I was wondering what the effect on people is from just having the “normal” amount of American clutter.  Some of the information that I found includes weight-gain, stress, sleeping problems and anxiety.  This I can believe, since even though I don’t have the amount of clutter I saw in some of those houses, I do have more than my fair share – and it drives me crazy.

While I have no ambition to become a minimalist, I do want to stream-line my life.  I know that I’ve got too much.  Who really needs thirty or so journals? Well, apparently, I do, since I keep buying them.  Or how about twenty or so plastic and stainless steel drinking bottles?  Yes, even though I’ve gone through them, gotten rid of a bunch, somehow, I’ve managed to end up with more of them.  Seriously people?  Do we really need more?


So, my project for the next few months so going to be getting rid of the clutter.  Have you done this?  How did it work out for you?  And, if you accomplished this goal, have you seen any differences in how you feel?  Let me know in the comments below.


Happiness This Week



This was a busy week.  We took down a couple of trees on Sunday, and have spent the rest of the week cleaning up brush.  My son will be splitting it and my daughter and I will be stacking.  Since we’ve just cut it down, the wood won’t be used this coming winter, but next winter.  A friend of ours will be leaving us some wood to process for this winter.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get it all done before the weather gets too hot.


Since we took the trees down, my willow tree should be getting both more sun and more of the ground water.  The poor thing was overshadowed by a large tree.  We are rapidly getting to the point where we’ve cut down all the trees that need cutting.  Of course I say that every year, and my husband manages to say more trees need to come down.  Thankfully we’ve got a wooded lot right next to us, and across the street.  They’re both owned by an environmentalist so I know he’s not planning on selling anytime soon.  It’s nice to have some wildness around.


We’ve had great weather all week, and I’ve managed to go for a long walk with my dog most days.  We are lucky since there is a mini-farm; a horse-riding place; and we often see wild turkeys.  The male turkeys have been displaying to the totally uninterested female turkeys.  It pretty funny – they get all puffed up and chase after the females, who look so disgusted.  There is always so much to see.

I’ve gotten my Spring Cleaning plan in place and have actually found some time to get started – in a small way.  I also managed to clean out two cupboards in my basement and reorganized them at the same time!  Baby steps, but steps nevertheless.


And, I’ve written another chapter in my children’s book.  Now I’ve got to get it printed out and work on the illustrations.  I hope my friend likes it once it’s done.  So I guess I did get a few things done this week.  How has your week gone?


Oh No! It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

minions spring cleaning

I don’t know about you, but the idea of spring cleaning has me running for the hills.  It could be that my dogs put nose-prints all over my downstairs windows or that since I live in a log cabin and heat with wood stoves the logs get dusty over the course of the winter (and yes, I do vacuum them).  Or, and this is a big or, every spring I try to do a clean-out of all that “stuff” that I have just hanging around my house.


I really like the idea of minimalism, it sounds so good; however I can’t quite get there.  As an example, I managed last spring to contain all my kids’ school projects into one shirt box.  It was hard, but I managed it.  I do have several of their projects framed and hung on my walls, but consolidating the boxes of art-work and reports into one box?  Talk about emotional.  What made it easier was that neither of them could understand why I was hording it.  It all just meant so little to them.  And again, last fall I went through my closet and gave away bags of clothes to Good-Will.  Some of them were from my office work days and even if I do lose all the weight I want to, my hips will just never be as small as they were pre-childbirth.  That was a challenge.  I had looked so good in my work clothes.  Notice the word “had”.


This spring my main challenge is a corner in my bedroom that’s become the place to pile “things” that I don’t know what to do.  Apparently I expect myself to make some kinds of decisions.  How horrifying is that?  I still have no idea what I’ll do with it.  My house has very little in the way of closets and cupboards.  And certainly no place to just put “stuff” in.


What are your priorities for Spring Cleaning?  Are you going to spring clean?  When my kids were young there were a few years that I “missed” the usual cleaning time.  Instead I tried to do one room a week.  That actually worked out fairly well.  How do you decide to give things the old heave ho?  Has anyone tried minimalism, and did it work out for you?  Let me know.