Hey, Guess What? Climate Change is Real! – A Little Rant for Climate Change Deniers


This is for those people out there who “don’t believe in climate change”.  Well, guess what, it’s real, it exists and no matter where you live, or whatever rock you want to climb under, your, yes, your, life is going to be impacted.  Have fun with that.

I know, Rush Limbaugh told you all that Hurricane Irma was a big fat lie.  But then what did the illustrious Mr. Limbaugh do?  He ran away.  Yes, that’s right…if it was a big lie, why oh why did the man feel the need to evacuate?  Do people usually evacuate due to a big fake storm?  Logically you wouldn’t think so, but hey climate change deniers, since when have you let logic, science or common sense have anything to do with your thought processes?  After all, if someone repeats a lie often enough, and loud enough, it’s got to be true, right?  Right?  Wait a minute, I can’t hear you over all the yelling about the hoax that climate change is.


So, 90-something percent of the world’s (yes, the WORLD’S) scientists believe in climate change.  The scientists who don’t are bought and paid for by the oil companies.  Yes, there are those pesky little leaked memos from the oil companies admitting they knew and understood they were making climate change worse forty years ago.  Yup, and all of that counts for nothing, because you, hard-core climate change deniers that you are, say so.  Once again, logic, science and common sense have no place in your thinking.


So, God has been pretty busy, I bet.  We’ve had four hurricanes in two weeks.  One after another.  Harvey, Irma, Jose and Katia.  Caused by?  Well, who knows, it’s all fake news anyway.  And, those fires that are burning in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington, I suppose those are also fake news.  Besides, if the country is burning, climate change and drought have not one thing to do with it.  Climate change is fake news!   Okay climate change deniers, what say you?  Can you logically, scientifically and using your common sense, continue to deny?  Let me know in the comments below.  Oh, and before you do so, please please check out the links that I’ve left below.  They are full of logic, lots of scientific facts and common sense.   I am looking forward to your scientific logic in your comments proving that your status as a climate change denier is valid.   Good luck with that.









Alberta Wildfires – Part 11 – Social Issues Series


By now mostly everyone has heard about the Alberta Wildfires that have led to large-scale evacuations and billions of dollars in destruction.  What hasn’t really been talked about in the U.S. media are the causes of the fires.  While the oil sands themselves usually don’t catch fire, the equipment and chemicals used in obtaining the oil are very flammable.    http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/could-the-oil-sands-catch-fire/


It seems that the climate was the “perfect storm” for this fire, and it continues spreading, causing more damage.  While the global temperature has been heating up, the result of this increase in temperature is having a devastating effect on the environment.  The cost of the Alberta wildfires is social, environmental, monetary, and health related.  There is an estimated damage of 9 billion dollars already, and no one knows how much higher that number will go.  This fire has released toxins into the air, including such heavy metals as mercury and lead as a result of the oil sands. These toxins will now be in the air, water and soil for a long time to come.  The residents of Fort McMurray were breathing these toxins for quite a while before they were evacuated.  What will be the health results of this?  At the moment no one is quite sure.   Once there is rain, these toxins will be washed into the waterways, and again no one is sure of the consequences of this, either.


I urge you to read the information from the links that I’ve provided.  They give an accurate picture of the destruction that is being caused by the fires.