Giving Things Up?


I know that it’s the Lenten season for those of you who are practicing Christians.  Oftentimes people choose to give something up for the forty days of Lent.  I used to do that myself.  When I was a child I usually gave up chocolate.  This was not a big deal, since at my house there was never any chocolate allowed, with the exception of chocolate chip cookies and brownies.  Since I was the designated baker of the family (one of my Saturday chores was to bake cookies for the upcoming week), I simply made snickerdoodles or oatmeal cookies for those few weeks.

When I got older, instead of giving up things, I would make sure I visited one of my grandparents every week during Lent. Not only had I done something the made them happy, but I was also the only family member to hear the stories about Speakeasies, Jazz and illegal drinking in NYC during Prohibition.   Looking back, I realize that was a much better way of observing the spirit of Lent.


Now that I’m an adult, I try to be more spiritual.  I don’t think that we should limit our spiritual lives to seasons, although it’s more difficult to reflect on the state of the world in a consistent manner .  In my own life I’ve found that if I try my best to follow the “golden rule” I can look at myself in the mirror.

Are you giving up, or giving this Lenten season?  Let me know your plans, and we can share suggestions to celebrate the spirit of Lent.


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