Things that I’m Still Waiting For


Once again, it’s the end of a year, and I have to admit that I’m still waiting for some things.  So, here’s some of the things that I’m still breathlessly waiting for.

The sound of the Tardis. Where in the heck are you Doctor?  I’ve been a good girl all year (he**, I’ve been a good girl for years and years now), and I keep waiting for the sound of the Tardis.  There is a small niggling feeling that maybe I’m an unknown Donna Noble?  Please say it isn’t so.  I’ll move to England if that makes it easier for you to find me.  Please, Doctor, please!


And, speaking of Doctor Who, I must admit that I’m waiting for some form on non-lethal Adipose. Yes, I know those cute little guys kill, however, I want the non-murdering kind.


My letter from Hogwarts. Come on, it’s been missing for years.  I must have the most lost, confused owl bringing mine.  I know there has to be a letter out there for me, since my Muggle family was almost as bad as Harry’s


My unicorn. I’ve been waiting for years and years now.  This is not some new thing that I want to see.  A unicorn has been on my list for a long long time.  Is it too much to ask for?  I don’t think so.


While I wrote this post, the only word to describe the world for me is gray.  We’ve had no sun for a number of days now, I always get the after-Christmas blues, and looking forward to 2017 brings a great deal of trepidation.  Hence, the silliness of the things that I’ve been waiting for.  I could have been more “sober and serious”, but I simply didn’t want to.  After all, what good is a life if we can’t have a fantasy world that we’re waiting for?  What is it that you’re still waiting for?


4 thoughts on “Things that I’m Still Waiting For

  1. I have the post-holiday giddies, as I always look forward to them being over, so I can get back to whatever was truly interesting to me before they showed up. I enjoy your silliness. Best wishes in the new year!

    • Thank you so much! I really enjoy being silly, as it keeps me looking on the sunny side. I find myself looking forward to next Tuesday when my hubby goes back to work and my schedule will be normal again. Best wishes for your new year!

  2. I am still waiting for a giraffe. I love, love, love giraffes. When I met my other half 19yrs ago he promised he would get me a swimming pool – I’m still waiting!

    • I hope you get to go on safari and see many giraffes. I’d love a pool, too. My kitchen has been pulled apart for 15 years. My hubby wants to fix it, but is waiting for the “right time”. hehe

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