I love diversity.  There is nothing more boring than only seeing what you’ve already seen.  Or heard, read or experienced.  I’ve spent some time in those “retirement communities” which are almost never diversified, and can attest that they are the most boring places as far as I’m concerned.  Usually everyone is exactly the same, with much of the same life experiences and world-view.  It’s also interesting to note that to me, they seem like high school all over again, with the “popular kids” and then everyone else.  So, when I see and hear random people talking about how much diversity hurts the America that they want to make great again, I just don’t understand it.


One of the best things about Netflix (and I admit that I’ve definitely been a binge watcher), is that I can watch movies from all over the world.  Some of the best movies I’ve seen have been made by Turkish, Iranian and Iraqi directors, writers and/or producers.  I also read novels that have been written by people of many different cultures, with a completely different world-view from myself.  I’ve learned more things by reading novels written about different countries and cultures than I ever learned in school.  I’ve learned about the ancient traditions of Chinese cooking, and the symbolism of different dishes from Chinese writers.  Even though, as a Vegan, some of the cooking descriptions were uncomfortable to read, I gained a respect and understanding of Chinese cooking that I didn’t have before, and it made me look at the dishes that I prepare in a new way.  That’s just one example.  When you read a novel, or watch a movie told from another point of view, you often sympathize with the characters and gain a new way of thinking, and looking at the world.  Your world-view becomes more diversified, and you grow as a person.


Diversity is wonderful just for those reasons.  But, most importantly, it helps people to see that even though there may be differences in culture, religion and life-experience, we are all the same. These differences should be celebrated.  We should enjoy learning new things, eating new foods, watching different movies, listening to other kinds of music, and reading different novels. No matter where you live, who you worship (or don’t worship), what you believe, in the end different peoples are all alike in the basics.  We all want love, family and understanding.  That, I believe is the reason some people claim that diversity is evil.  If we gain understanding of the “other”, there will be no reason to keep ourselves separate.  How can you “hate” the other if you understand them?  In keeping citizens divided, individuals can regain (or maintain) control.  A house divided cannot stand, nor can a nation divided.



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