Money is an issue.  Love of money is the root of all evil, or so they say.  Do I love money?  No, I do not.  Would I like to have enough of it in order to pay my bills?  Why yes, yes I would.  That would be very nice, thank you.  In fact, that would be wonderful, fantastic, awe inspiring, and great!  I’ve written before about how money is an issue for my family.  As, I’m sure it’s an issue for most families.


I have a B.S. and a B.A.  I never worked in my “field”.  I had a series of jobs as a receptionist, secretary, legal secretary and Paralegal.  I never made more than $9.25 per hour.  I only ever enjoyed one week of paid vacation (until I worked as a secretary with a Union shop, the plant was closed for two weeks every summer, so only at that job did I receive two weeks of paid vacation – thanks Unions!).  I didn’t get any over-time pay or time compensation when I did stay late, and this was at a lawyer’s office.  Because I stayed home with my kids (I did care for a neighbor); I was out of the official “work force” for too many years, and the only job I was able to land was as a homemaker/companion; ironically my highest paying hourly wage but at the same time, my smallest paycheck.  These are not jobs that give you many hours.  So, when people talk about wage inequality, low wages and stagnant wages, I truly understand.  I’m living proof of it all.  I may be college educated, but my fellow workers are mainly recent immigrants.  I understand the frustration of working hard for little pay.

While wages have actually decreased, the price of things has gone up.  A lot.  Bernie Sanders gets it, Elizabeth Warren gets it.  Mr. Sanders actually had ideas and solutions to the problem.  Elizabeth Warren also has solutions.  Educate yourselves, look into the solutions, and sign petitions, get active, write letters.  Let your voice be heard.  Stand up for each other, after all we’re in this together, together we will either rise or fall.  It’s up to us.




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