The Benefits of a Cold Shower


I know, I know!  The weather is getting colder, and hopping into a nice warm (if not hot) shower in the morning seems like a right.  After all, we leave a nice warm bed and it’s only reasonable that we should be able to enjoy a nice hot shower before the indignities of the day assault us.  However, as a person who actually gets up and works out in the morning, I’m here to make the case for colder, if not cold showers.

Many people enjoy extremely hot showers in the morning, but that’s not really of any benefit to your health.  My son takes such a hot and steamy shower that I can’t even go into the bathroom for about half-an-hour after he leaves.  We don’t have a venting system in there – I wish we did, but we don’t.  There is scientific evidence about the benefits of a cold shower to your health.  The shock of the cold water increases your oxygen intake because the shock brings about deep breathing which in turn increases your oxygen intake.  This also helps in increasing your energy level.


Cold water helps to prevent the skin and hair being stripped of natural oils like hot water tends to do.  Also, the cold water helps in the appearance of skin, helps it not get dried out, and keeps it looking younger.  Not too shabby if you’re worried about looking older.  Another benefit is that the cold water increases our blood circulation, which increases the amount of blood that goes to organs, which of course is a rather important benefit.  Another benefit is that it stimulates weight loss by shocking our systems.  Cold water also has a benefit that for someone who suffers from pain is wonderful.  It relieves muscle soreness and promotes recovery after exercise.

Jumping into a cold shower also relieves stress by decreasing the level of uric acid (too much uric acid is known as hyperuricemia) and can cause gout along with liver and kidney disease and cell death.

Another benefit of cold water showers is that it helps to alleviate depression.  The cold water sends electrical impulses to the brain which translates that into a mood stimulant.  Of course, this is not a “cure” for depression, just another benefit to cold showers.  And, who can’t agree that a mood boost first thing in the morning is a good thing?

My own showers tend to start out slightly warm and then gradually get colder and colder until at the end I’ve got it as cold as it goes.  Of course I understand if you don’t want to subject yourself to such cold water, however, think of all the benefits.




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