Choosing a Perspective


I’m sick to death of this election.  I’m disgusted with the hate that we’re all being subjected to.  There have been a few statements that stand out – building a wall; grabbing a pus*y; sending American citizens “back” to where?; calling people “thugs”.  I could go on and on.  However, I have included many links where you can see these statements and more if that’s what you desire.

As far as I am concerned, this election is a choice.  It’s actually choosing what kind of a world you want to live in.  Do you want to live in a country filled with hate and suspicion, then vote for that.  I don’t know if that would be a happy or healthy place to live, but in a democracy, that’s what you get to do.  One side is divisive, dividing us up into different sections – the poor over here, the disabled in another section, minorities over here so that we can keep an eye on them because god only knows what “those” people might get up to.


The thing is, a house divided will fall, and not only will it fall, it will take everyone with it.  Is this what you want?  Smaller government and less taxes also means no money to help out with natural disasters that cost billions of dollars; it means no more health care so that children will die of curable diseases; it means no more Social Security so either work until you die, or starve; no money for infrastructure, so don’t use that bridge, it’s not safe; the list goes on and on.  Do we have problems with money?  Sure, the Pentagon lost how many billions of dollars? Yes, we need accountability.  However, we live in a society.  That means we take care of each other.

Yes, we take care of each other.  All boats should float. We shouldn’t leave others to drown.  What helps one helps out all.  All you Christians out there, don’t you know the “golden rule”?  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  There’s a reason for that rule.  So what if someone is “too” disabled, you could be in that situation yourself. Do you want to be treated badly yourself?  We’re all just one small step away from being homeless, injured or worse.  You should remember that fact.  Not a single one of us lives in a bubble.  Life happens.  Disasters strike.  Life is precarious.


So, when you go to the polls on November 8th, think about what kind of a world you want to live in.  We are all one!


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