Wednesday is Dump Day


Every Wednesday my daughter and I take all the garbage to the dump.  I usually only have two large garbage bags of actual garbage, but my recycling can consist of a large wastepaper basket and a large dog-food bag along with a smaller wastepaper basket.  And, I’m one of those people who washes all my glass and plastic recycling things.


Lately, I’ve got some old (broken) laundry baskets that I’ve been filling up with the detritus from years of living in the same house.  I’ve been putting all this excess in the “swap shop” at my dump.  Deciding what will go, and if it’s good enough to end up at the swap shop is time-consuming, so I don’t do it every week.  What I’d like to know is, how in the heck did I end up with all this crap to begin with?  And, why did I move it twice?  I’ve got boxes of china from my mother that I’ll never use, but maybe my daughter will?  And, I’ve got other boxes full of my “good” dishes that again, I’ll never use.  For one thing, I’m the kind of person who just uses what I’ve got in the cupboards; for another, I would be too afraid I might accidentally break a dish.  Just tell me something is fragile, and I’ll be either breaking or chipping it.  I turn into a bull in a china shop.  My hands actually shake if I’m afraid I’ll drop something – practically guaranteeing I’ll damage it somehow.

I don’t buy any of this stuff, so how come I’ve got so much?  I’ve still got candy dishes and nice platters from my engagement party 30+ years ago that I’ve never used.  This is some of the stuff that’s actually going to the swap shop.  Don’t get me wrong, I do use platters and little dishes for candy, just not these.  The ones I use live inside my china cabinet that I got after my Grandmother decided to downsize.  I just don’t need the excess.  The one thing I don’t do is look at any of the other stuff that in the swap shop.  I don’t need to come home with other people’s excess.  I’ve got too much of my own!


An extra-large French Vanilla black, with sugar. Yum!

After actually going to the dump a woman needs a treat, right?  So we usually stop and pick up coffee.  So, there is a good side to going to the dump!



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