Lament for my Library


 My library has been closed for six weeks now.  It’s not closed closed, there are renovations going on – my small library is going to be a little larger when it reopens, however, I’ve been going through withdrawal.  Yes, I am a library addict, and I admit it.  I also have absolutely no intention of stopping my behavior!  I usually go to my library at least once a week, but have been known to stop by twice or even three times a week.  When my kids were little we may have managed to go every day in the summer!


It will be re-opening on November 1st – a day that I’m simply living for, at this point.  I took out a large batch of books, and have finished all of them.  I now am reading some of my daughters’ books, and I do have a few on my own shelves to read.  However, I really do miss going to the library as well as being at the library.  I love the hush, the smell and just being surrounded by books.


Once they re-open, I’ll be going every Saturday in order to write, study my coaching stuff, and organizing a new way of living.  I intend to make Saturday my day to settle down and get my work done.  Oh, I just can’t wait!



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