Police Accountability – John Oliver & Common Sense


 I love John Oliver.  He gets his points and facts across while also making us laugh.  However, Oliver’s humor never overcomes his facts.

Personally, I have an odd reaction when I see a police officer.  My initial reaction is always fright.  This would seem to be extremely strange on the surface.  For one, I’ve never been harassed by the police; for another, my uncle was an officer.  Of course, that could be adding to the problem.  He was not anyone I would have hired to be a security guard, much less a police officer.  However, I did grow up watching the police attack peaceful protestors on the news; I did see the Kent State killings and other infamous acts of police brutality.


While I live in a mostly white town, the one that is literally down the street is mostly minority, with all the accompanying problems of poverty that seem to follow that dynamic, I find my reactions to seeing the police as a problem.  Why, if they are there to defend me, do I feel uneasy?  At the one time in my life when I did indeed need help from the police, their behavior was anything but helpful.  When confronted with a battered, raped and traumatized woman, dressed in over-sized sweats, who was beaten and left for dead by her attacker, why was the initial statement from the police that I deserved what I got because I was female?  Does this reaction lead to trust and respect?  I think not.  As Mr. Oliver says, a few bad apples spoil the basket.   The John Oliver clip is below, watch it and let me know what you think.




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