American Schools


While watching Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next I got to thinking about the state of education in the U.S.  My state, Connecticut, just had a ruling handing down by the court that they have to do an over-haul the entire education system here, since the richest school districts were receiving the most in state aid, and the poorest ones were receiving the least.  However, part of the ruling claimed that students with disabilities did not have to be educated. This of course is in direct opposition to the federal ruling known as the Disabilities Act.


Most people seem to think that creating privately run charter schools is the answer, but it is not.  In fact, charter schools fail most tests at a higher rate than public schools.  Also, charter school teachers do not have to be qualified teachers, their pay is less, and the schools dismiss any “troublesome” students.  (I’ll be providing links in regards to the previous statements.)


While watching Moore’s documentary, I was struck by the education system practiced in Finland.  There are no private schools; all public schools have the exact same programs, books and teaching methods.  There is no such thing was needing to move into a “good” school district, since all schools are equal.  Because the level of education is equal, the playing field for life is more level.  Why can’t we do that here?




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