Computer Issues


Computers, as we all know, are wonderful wonderful pieces of equipment – when they work!  On Sunday morning I turned my laptop on, noticed that it was a bit slow, but thought nothing of it.  Then, after I plugged it in to charge, realized that it didn’t show it was charging, but it was also informing me that my 37% had 1,295 days and 25 minutes of charge left.  Insane, I know!


So, thinking that this was a cord or battery issue, my daughter and I went to Staples where the very nice salesman told me to bring the laptop in so that he could check and see if it was a cord, battery or port issue.  I went home right away and brought my laptop in so that the issue could get resolved as soon as possible.  After two hours of working on it, with the cord plugged in, but no charging going on (but with 37% battery left and  1,295 days of battery left!) he couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Since a diagnosis would cost $159, and the laptop was a refurbished one that only cost about $200.00, I’ve decided to buy a new one.


Looking at laptop reviews is just making me more and more frustrated.  It seems that buying a new laptop is a lot like a crap-shoot.  Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.  With all the reviews that I’ve read, about 50% of the people love it, and the other 50% are less than pleased!  What the heck is a consumer to do?  I guess I’ll just go ahead and buy the one that looks like the best one for my needs and budget.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.


2 thoughts on “Computer Issues

  1. I don’t know if you’ve done this yet or not, but my laptop is a Toshiba and I love it. Also, before totally giving up on the one you have you may want to take it to your library and see if the Tech Support people there can do anything for you. They also may be able to recommend a good laptop for you since it can be so confusing. The best part is that none of this service should cost you anything!

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