The Book Barn – A Bibliophile’s Dream


One of the many small buildings at the main Book Barn

On Thursday, my daughter and I went to Niantic to visit the books at The Book Barn.  The Book Barn is a series of buildings located along Main Street in Niantic, Ct., containing over half-a-million books between the four stores.  Since we’ve only gone to the big store – the one with the large house full of books and the little buildings outside, we decided that we would visit some of the other locations this time.

What a treat!  I’d always wondered where in the heck they kept the books on myths and legends, classics, philosophy and metaphysics.  Now I know.  They live in the Downtown store.  Finally!  I was in my element.

Since we went after Labor Day, there were only a few people and we got to spend as much time looking through the books before making any purchasing decisions.  How great is that?

After this fabulous experience we went to the Natural Food Store, again in Niantic, where we perused the entire store, had a good time and bought some drinks and chips for our lunch.  We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at a picnic table at the Niantic Bay Boardwalk, where we watched the waves, looked at the boats and witnessed a pair of seagulls, one of which was totally enthralled with the other one.  What a great day!  I hope your weekend is as good as my day yesterday.  Happy Friday!


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