August Goals?


Alright, now it the time to be totally truthful.  No excuses.  I did not attain all my goals for August.  Actually, the only thing that I did was to do some form of exercise every day.  Actually, that’s a pretty big deal since the weather was horribly hot and humid with quite a few days reaching the heat index of 101° and above.  So, for the first time in many months I either got up early or worked out, or I went for a walk with the dogs.  But, I did it!


My other goals didn’t fare as well.  I’ve kind of hit a writing block that I hope to end during the month of September.  Also, my throwing things out didn’t go anywhere.  My windows are still without curtains, and there was no quilting that happened.  Not great goal achievement here.  I have collected lots of ideas for blog posts, so that’s another goal that I attained.


Did you met your goals for August?  Let me know.



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