Waiting for – The Tardis!


Okay, so I admit it…I’m a pretty big Dr. Who fan.  I’ve gone to all the movies, (I have to say that I wanted to wear a fez, but my daughter wouldn’t let me), watched the series more than a few times, and love Dr. Who quotes.  In my fantasy world, where I like to live the most, there are a few things that I’m perpetually waiting for.  One of them is the sound of the Tardis.


After all, I’d be a great companion to the Doctor.  I’m curious, interested in almost everything, would like to travel through time and space, and I can be just as unconventionally nerdy as the Doctor.  So, you tell me, just how long will I have to wait to hear the sound of the Tardis coming for me?  Really, it’s been a long time already.  Hurry up Doctor!



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