Anticipating the Worst


We just had the worst problem with our septic tank.  I woke up on Monday morning with a wet basement where the water had overflowed and made a huge puddle.  Luckily I have a wet/dry vacuum and was able to vacuum up most of it.  I’ve also got a dehumidifier down there, and lots of fans that I used to help dry up the mess.  However, we realized two things.  One, we hadn’t had our septic tank cleaned out in about twelve (yes, unbelievable!) years; and two, we had a blockage somewhere out there.


When my husband and son dug up the tank lid, we realized that the tank was just about full (eew), and we were hoping that was the reason for the blockage.  We were able to use the toilet, wash dishes by hand (of course I had a full dishwasher that I was going to run Monday morning – instead it was dish-washing by hand); but no showering, as that caused the water to overflow back into the basement.


The septic company we called came out Tuesday morning, and Jeff (that was the magic wizard’s name) cleaned out the tank, and fixed the blockage for me.  I really wanted to give him a kiss, but instead I called his office and told them that he did a great job, and I was very happy.

However, my anticipating that things were going to go the worst way, caused me to get up at 3:30 am Tuesday morning with an upset stomach and a headache.  I was so afraid that we’d have to replace the tank that I was simply sick.  Thankfully everything has worked out for the best, and it was just another case of worrying myself sick.


I really don’t know why I do that, since worrying has never fixed any problems.  I’ve got an organizer that I’ve written down that we had the tank pumped this year.  Now, I’ve just got to remember that in four or five years we should get it pumped out again.

Do you make yourself sick over problems?  Really, there was nothing I could do, other than get the tank pumped and then deal with any accompanying problems.  I really do wish I could just “chill out” and not worry.  What do you do to not worry yourself sick?  Let me know, I could use some suggestions.



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