Beating the Heat?


What exactly is beating the heat?  There really is nothing you can do about the weather; and if that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.  We’ve had fourteen consecutive months of heat breaking weather, and now many parts of the U.S. are suffering.  I guess it’s our turn now.  We’re also in a drought, so I hope that we get rain soon.


So, what have I been doing to deal with this weather?  Not a whole lot, I can tell you that.  I was off the computer for two-and-a-half-days; and even with that I didn’t get much done.  We don’t have air-conditioning, so I’ve been running almost all my fans, almost all day.  Even our basement is feeling the heat.  In fact, I skipped my exercising for four days this week.


On a happy note, I’ve been puppy-sitting this week, so I did venture out for a walk each day.  It’s always important to keep all children, regardless of species well exercised.  After our walks, we all made sure to get hydrated, and lay in front of the fan.  We may have napped in front of the fan a few times, but hey! – it’s hot outside!


I’ve had many gallons of water this week; and made a bunch of different “cold” food, including pasta salad, stuffed tomatoes and quick stir-fries – anything to avoid turning on the oven!


Tomatoes stuffed with chickpea salad. Yum!

Another happy occurrence these past two weeks, is that I’ve gotten a lot of reading done; but other than that, not much.  I seem to have hit a little bit of a wall with my Camp NaNo, and no, I will not be “winning” this year.  Is it possible that your brain stops functioning in the heat and humidity?  If you’re living in the parts of the world where the weather is crazy hot, let me know what you do to “beat the heat”.



2 thoughts on “Beating the Heat?

  1. We bought an old fixer upper house (not yet fixed up!) so we do not have central air. We had two window AC units…one died this year and the other is working sporadically and leaking. UGH!

    We also use a couple of fans. During really hot days, you need to go somewhere air conditioned–your library for example. That way you can also still be on your computer…just sayin. 😉

    We tend not to cook with the oven during the hottest part of the day. You can heat up left overs in the microwave or use a crock pot or similar device if you want warm meals.

    Also while at home stripping down to almost nothing also helps. You may have to close curtains-but hey that keeps heat from the sun out!

    Drink lots of cold drinks and eat lots of fruit with juices!

    • All good ideas! My library is going through a renovation, so it’s in a smaller space. I’ll probably go there the next time it too hot. Good luck with your house – we did that years ago with a three family. It seemed to take forever, but got finished little by little.

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