Things I Don’t Understand


As an animal lover, member of the human race, believer in the happy way of life and mainly trying to live most of my life in my make-believe world with the fairies, unicorns, pixies, and all the other magical creatures, I find many many things to be completely non-sensical.  Here is a partial list of the things that I can’t wrap my head around:


Guns – using them for any purpose whatsoever.


Using Animals – for food, entertainment, to wear.


Hate – really it serves absolutely no purpose.

I spend about an hour a day signing petitions against the most abhorrent things.  Animal abuse that is so horrific you wouldn’t believe it until you see the pictures/videos, newscasts proving it to be true.  The amount of people who are starving; who are abused in every way possible; human trafficking for sex or work; the daily oppression and hate that people deal with is mind blowing.  So much of the world is ugly, morally reprehensible.  And, it’s happening all over the world.  In our hometowns and across the globe.  Hate reigns – it’s a hate-fest out there.

I’ve been told that I “just don’t know what’s going on”.  Really?  I read the reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch; I read news from all over the world.  I’m pretty aware.


But all this awareness and knowledge doesn’t bring about and understanding of the hate.  Wake up, bring your anger against those who have the power to change things but don’t.  Those who write policies that make the world worse than ever; those are the people who deserve to lose their power, not the powerless.

All of us are the same.  What happens to one happens to all.


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