Words of Wisdom


I thought that I’d reflect a little on these words of wisdom.  We seem to becoming a much more divided nation lately.  This phenomenon is in our politics, our social media and even in our homes.

At a time when people can’t seem to understand each other, talk over each other, and just can’t “get along”, I thought that this quote was worth looking at and ruminating over.  I think that everyone can learn something from everyone else.  Even if you learn that you’d rather not spend time with that other person, you’ve learned something right?  That statement is of course taking “things” to an extreme; however, it’s something that I’ve learned with a few people in the past few weeks.  And that knowledge is okay.  You don’t need to agree, and if you can’t agree to disagree, you don’t need to slam your head into a wall, either.  You can just walk away.  Let go.  Take whatever you’ve learned and tuck it away with the rest of your own knowledge.  So let’s all step away, see if we can learn something, and let it go.  Let’s pretend we’re wise.




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