Did I Achieve My Goals?


This is a good question.  Did I indeed achieve the goals that I set out?  Well, so far this week I’ve done my best.  I did workout every day this week so far.  Yesterday I slept about an hour later than I usually do, but I went for a walk and stretched out afterwards, thus achieving my workout.  I’ve gotten one chapter written and the next one figured out.  So, by the end of the day on Saturday, I should have gotten both written.  As far as the illustration is concerned I may have to wait on that.  I haven’t gotten my scenes written, either, but again I still have this afternoon and Saturday to finish.


I’ve scoured the Internet in search of more summer salads, and have found some that look really tasty.  The wood has been stacked.  I’m happy to report that we’re almost finished.  I’m sure that my husband will finish the cutting, this weekend, and hopefully we’ll get the rest of the stacking done also.  We won’t be finishing all the logs, but we’ll have two full rows done, and get the logs covered for next year.  Yeah!


My floors have not been washed, but I’ll probably get that one done on Saturday morning.  I have dusted (not my favorite job), but it’s done!  So, I think that I did pretty well this week.  How have you done with your goals?  Every step counts, so just keep at it!




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