Weekly Goals and Motivation


When my children were young, I spent a long time without goals of my own.  Everything related to them.  Over the summers I would have a fairly lengthy list of things that I wanted us to accomplish; not that we did all of them, but we did do a lot of them.  However, these were the years that my writing took a back-seat to my family.  Not that I regret any of it, but I haven’t accomplished nearly what I thought I would.  I realize that other people have attained their goals while having a family.  For a long time I compared myself to them until I realized that that behavior was not helpful.  I am me, and the only thing that counts is that I improve myself.  If just focus on myself and not beat myself up about what I haven’t done compared to others, I find that I can set and accomplish my goals much easier.


So, here’s my list of goals to accomplish this week.  Write two chapters for my children’s chapter book.  Finish at least one illustration to go with the chapters.  Dust the house and wash the floors, (yes, I do need to list housework – wish I didn’t, but I am the maid).  Write down in my writing notebook drafts of scenes for other writings.  Workout every day.  Finish stacking all wood – get this done.  Find more summer salad recipes.


Okay that’s it.  My goals for the week.  Have you written down your goals?  Sometimes just getting through the week can be a goal!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Goals and Motivation

  1. Getting out of bed and going to work sometimes feels like a big enough goal for me. I do like the idea of writing your goals for the week.

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