Clean Eating

clean eating

I’ve been interested in the clean eating movement for a while now.  At first I truly thought that this was a plant-based eating plan.  This way of eating sounds really great – who can argue with eating clean?  Many of the “rules” of this eating plan are commendable, including the emphasis on fruits and vegetables, and not eating prepared, and fast food.  If you eat this way, you are indeed doing your health a favor.  However, this is as far as it goes, since the “clean eating” also includes plenty of meat and dairy.


This is where I find that the “clean” part kind of falls apart.  There is nothing clean about eating slaughtered animals.  The filth that they live in and are slaughtered in has nothing remotely to do with the word clean.  Milk is filled with pus and blood; animals slaughtered for meat are raised with large amounts of prescription drugs which stay in their flesh, therefore landing on your plate.  In order for the meat to remain red and not turn grey and green it is injected with carbon monoxide.  Fish is filled with all kinds of pollutants, and heavy metals, including large amounts of mercury.

After looking into the “clean” eating revolution, I’ve decided that my lifestyle of vegan eating, limiting the amounts of prepared foods that I eat, and not buying fast-food is indeed the way to go.  What do you think of the clean eating movement?  Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Clean Eating

  1. I am really trying to improve my diet. Unfortunately I also use food as a comforter and fall into bad habits when I am stressed. This then compounds the issue and makes me ill. I totally agree with your ideas on clean eating. I just wish I could follow it more effectively. I try to drink almond milk.

    • As far as eating is concerned, it’s a process. I started with soy milk, but didn’t like the taste. I do like almond milk, but I eat fruit in the morning, so I usually don’t even drink that much. I agree that food is comfort, though! 🙂

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