Improving Myself?


I’ve been trying to improve many things about myself, however, as I stated the other day, I have been having more than a little difficulty with motivation.  I stopped working out for a few weeks earlier this summer, but am happy to report that I’ve started again and have kept it up for several weeks, now.


As far as my writing the children’s chapter book for Camp NaNo, I seem to have hit a wall.  Part of my problem involves the fact that I can’t draw, so I have to keep the characters close to something that I can draw.  So, even though it’s a slow process, it’s still a process.


I thought that I’d try new summer recipes this year, and I naively thought that would go swimmingly.  How silly of me.  This week in particular was pretty bad dinner-wise.  I actually stated that I’d had it (on Wednesday night) and thought that for the rest of the week we’d just get take-out.  That’s not happening, however I think that on Friday night we can get Chinese, and then eat the leftovers for dinner on Sunday.  Let’s just say that whatever I tried to cook this week came out like mashed up mush.  It was a not an epicurean delight.


Are you obtaining your goals, or does the heat and humidity of the summer got you all hot and flustered?  I sincerely hope my motivation and results improve dramatically.


3 thoughts on “Improving Myself?

  1. Hahahaha love the idea that it’s the heat that makes us grow in size!

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