Notice – Taking a break from Social Issues Series



I’ve been having an enlightening time writing the Social Issues series and I hope that they have been helpful for you to read.  However, these posts take a long time to write, and I’ve decided to take a break over the summer.


I’m actually going to be doing the Momwriters Camp NaNo this July.  I’ll be working on finishing the chapter book that I’m writing for a little boy that I know.  Hopefully this will work out, and I’ll be able to finish the first draft of the book.


This has been a little bit of a strange summer for me since for the last five years I’ve been babysitting two girls two days a week for the summer.  However, like all of us, the girls have gotten older and they no longer have to come to my house.  So, given that I’ve got some extra time, I’ve decided that I want to use it to work on my fiction writing.  I’ll still be publishing three posts a week, just as a usually do, so that will remain the same.


I will continue with the social issues series in September.



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