Garden Tales and Photos


Like many people, I have an Instagram account and I often post photos of my flowers, yard and trees.  The way I pose my photos makes my yard and flowers look absolutely wonderful.  As a matter of fact, when we first moved into our house some 23 years ago, the yard looked like a park.  There were no dandelions, no weeds, and the gardens were gorgeous.  The people we bought the house from had three boys who were sent out to care for the lawn and weed all day every Saturday in the spring, summer and fall.

When we bought the house, I was in a “high-risk” pregnancy with a two-year-old.  It would have fallen to me to garden and weed, and I was medically prohibited from doing so.  Fast-forward a few years, and I was finally ready to weed, only I couldn’t.  I was suffering from allergies to everything outdoors, so that every time I weeded, I was sick for two weeks.  My gardens went to hell in a tissue-filled basket, and I was busy concentrating on the vegetable garden my Dad helped me put in.

Years later, my children are grown, and I’ve recently discovered that I can weed again without getting sick (a nice side effect of being Vegan – the allergies are still there, but much less severe), and the gardens are pretty much the biggest mess you can imagine.  The most surprising thing about this neglect is that my day lilies still bloom, the lilacs have survived and the wild flowers are having a field day.  So, in all this messiness, do you think that I am running out and weeding?  No.  I suffer from the thought that many of the weeds have beautiful flowers, dandelions have replaced the grass, and many of the flower-less weeds have roots so long that you can never pull the entire thing up!  The pictures that I put on my Instagram account make my yard look great.  However, they are taken from certain angles, are close up shots of individual flowers, and at certain times of days.  I wonder how many other people do the same thing.  My account is such that it’s full of positive quotes, happiness and nature shots.


Nice trees, and the grass looks mostly green.

I am dreaming of one of those yards full of beautiful gardens and gorgeous green lawns.  I can’t imagine going through all the work to achieve that, but it is a dream of mine.  How about you?  Do you have a garden you dream about?




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