Is Compassion a Crime? Animal Welfare Part 13 – Social Issues Series



Is compassion a crime?  Or, a better question, how can compassion be a crime?  Should someone who has tried to alleviate the suffering of another be arrested for that act?  How about if an animal is suffering and someone comes along and tries to alleviate that suffering?  Or someone just films that suffering?  Is that a crime?

I started thinking about this question, first when the Ag-Gag Laws were passed, then when individuals were arrested for breaking the windows of parked and locked cars that had pets who were in obvious distress in them; and then again when Anita Krajnc was arrested for giving water to pigs who were on their way to the slaughter house.  Instead of writing about this issue, I’ll be providing links for you to see for yourselves.  I have only included a few photos from investigations as the images can be very graphic, and the reality is difficult to see.  If it’s too difficult to look at, maybe it should not be happening?


So, do you think that compassion should be a crime?  Let me know in the comments below.




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