Is Violence Ever Acceptable? – Part 12 – Social Issues Series


There has been an increase in violence related to politics lately that I personally find upsetting.  I wanted to discuss the issue of whether violence in such cases acceptable.  I’m only going to look at violence within these perimeters, as the question of violence has many aspects, and I don’t want to go into all of them (as if I could) here.


At many rallies when people have been demonstrating by holding signs, there has been violence against them.  Then, we have the fact that beatings of minorities have increased.  And, finally, there was the throwing of food and other items at other supporters.  Is any of this justified?  My thought is no.  At a political rally, there should be non-violent reactions to demonstrations.  A demonstration should open a dialogue.  Violence is not the way to get your point across.


As far as beatings and killings (I will be providing the relative links below), violence is unacceptable.  Just because you hold a viewpoint, that does not give you a right to violently push your agenda on someone else.  If the only way to get your point across is with violence, maybe you should find a more articulate way.  If there isn’t one, could it be because your belief is lacking in logical explanations?  As someone who holds strong opinions myself, I would hope that others who also hold strong opinions would have the ability to verbalize the whys and wherefores of those opinions.  Logical evidence based on solid science and facts are the only bricks that are useful in such situations.


As the political season goes forward, I find myself worried about the violence that we’ve been seeing.  What kind of a summer are we going to have?  Will minorities begin to fear for their lives?  Are supporters of one faction going to go to “war” against the other faction?  We are all Americans here, brothers and sisters.  Let’s act like it.  I’ve included some links for you if you’d like to obtain more information.  What do you think?  Is violence a viable way to discuss politics?  Does it help one faction change the minds of the other faction?




2 thoughts on “Is Violence Ever Acceptable? – Part 12 – Social Issues Series

  1. Violence only begets violence.

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